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  • Health vs. Disease

    • Retail: $16.95

    Written by Melvin E. Page, DDS and H. Leon Abrams, Jr., this is a clear presentation of the variables affecting health. Although an older manuscript, it still provides a thorough background of the basics of body chemistry. Almost all of the information provided is still applicable and practical. Like many classic works, it stands out despite the passage of time and further knowledge gained with modern research.

  • Therapeutic Food Manual

    • Retail: $39.95

    A reprint of Dr. Lee’s “Personalized” treatment recommendations. This manual looks at pathology and disease. After some introductory material, it presents an alphabetical list of most illnesses. Included under each listing are: a general description, treatment support, physiological considerations, synergistic use of products with suggestions and recommendations. A highly recommended “source” for the practitioner developed by the “nutritional genius” himself. The Therapeutic Food Manual and Symptom Survey manual go together spotlighting pathology and disease or Signs and Symptoms.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Product Bulletins

    • Retail: $36.95

    The original information with updated names, in alphabetical order. Get Dr. Lee’s original guideline and recommendations for the use of whole food concentrates. Using the core products of Standard Process this manual gives an in-depth presentation on each of those products from the functional model. This manual gives insights that help you understand how Dr. Lee’s approach the therapeutics use of whole food nutrition, outlining physiological considerations, synergistic use of products as well as clinical suggestions. The clinical reference guide is a good place to start, but if you’re serious about clinical nutrition this manual is a must.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Vitamin News

    • Retail: $39.95

    This book covers Dr. Royal Lee’s personal selection of peer-reviewed articles from 1933 to 1956 that used real, whole foods in their research. Most of the public today fail to realize that this early research had two common denominators: 1. The use of whole foods for vitamin studies instead of synthetic chemical byproducts and 2. the observations of the researchers were empirical – not based on animal studies later dictated by the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies. These articles offer a wide range of topics Dr. Lee thought were necessary for the practitioner to understand to help them be able to apply nutrition in their practice. All missing articles have now been recovered and included in this new version, plus for the first time, a complete index and table of contents. You’ll find the peer references surprising and wonder how it got lost.

  • Clinical Reference Guide

    • Retail: $25.95

    This manual is truly a must for anyone getting started. Done in a conversational tone, it has a section that provides the following information for each product: Formulation, Indications for use, Synergist’s products, and a Descriptive sketch by long-time Standard Process biochemist, John Courtney. John Courtney worked with Dr. Lee and directed research and development after Dr. Lee’s death.  First, the blue section covers treatment suggestions. The tan pages cover John Courtney’s descriptions, with the gray and white pages spotlighting the CCWFN program’s more in depth coverage of foundational support from clinical tools to the Nutritional Exam. These additional topics are designed to support the practitioner in implementing nutrition into their practice from the International Foundation of Nutrition and Health (IFNH).

    Newly updated! Jun 2018 Edition.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Herbal Reference Guide

    • Retail: $27.95

    An herbal guide to the MediHerb product line. This book offers an insight into the use of herbs from a synergistic base of support in balancing body chemistry. *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners. This book has NOT been updated in the last five years! The Clinical Reference Guide’s Yellow Pages were updated with new MediHerb products in June 2018.


  • Clinical Reference Guide – Veterinary

    • Retail: $19.95

    An updated guide to the Standard Process product line. It provides information for each product formulation and indications for use from a functional and synergists model. In some cases the commentary from Dr. Lee’s close friend and confident John Courtney who directed research and development after Dr. Lee’s death.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Mastering Nutrition with the Symptom Survey 2nd Edition

    • Retail: $35.95

    The Symptom Survey manual looks at signs and symptoms to help to better understand foundational nutrition or the root cause of a particular issue. This manual looks at the primary and secondary cause as well as giving a recommended nutritional protocol for support of that issue. This complete workbook consists of various sections, including a full description and commentary regarding symptoms, biochemistry and balancing nutrition, and additional information for using the Symptom Survey. Contemporary research and commentary for this manual is due largely to the contributions of Jeremy Kaslow, MD, Michael Dobbins, DC, Bruce Pacetti, DDS, Dan Newell, PhD, Leo Roy, MD, ND, Bruce West, DC, and Robert Peshek, DDS.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Laboratory Interpretation Desk Reference Manual

    • Retail: $0.00

    The long awaited Desk Reference for Mastering Nutrition with Blood Chemistry!

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Mastering Nutrition with Blood Chemistry Quick Reference

    • Retail: $29.95

    This quick reference manual is just what the name implies a quick and easy reference manual in clinical nutrition. It provide lab values, protocols, clinical comments and dietary insights. 104 pages.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • An Introduction to Protomorphology

    • Retail: $6.95

    This pamphlet was transcribed from a lecture by Dr. Royal Lee. It was delivered to a meeting of physicians and dentists in April, 1956 for The American Academy of Applied Nutrition. Through Dr. Lee’s own words, he explains in very understandable terms the meaning of protomorphology and the nutritional benefits of protomorphogens.  This pamphlet should be your first read in the protomorphology series.  For those trying to understand the benefits of the use of protomorphogens, as well as the difference between whole desiccated cell products, this is an excellent place to start.