Dr. Page’s Food Plan

Supporting Whole Food Nutrition

Today there is much confusion about diet plans and diets. Dr. Page’s food plan is not a diet but a food plan as the name implies. It was created at the famous Page Clinic in Florida, where blood chemistry panels were taken every three to four days on all patients.  He based his food plan from the early research of Drs. Weston Price and Francis Pottenger, who showed the relationship of how the quality of the foods you ate affected your health, both physical and emotional.  Dr. Page called it a food plan because he found certain foods to upset the body chemistry. It made no difference what your genetic disposition was, the same foods upset the body chemistry. Certain genetic dispositions were able to handle those foods better than others, but after thousands of blood chemistry panels his food plan proved true by normalizing the patient’s blood chemistry without any other intervention.

Many of today’s popular diets are based on Dr. Page’s work.  Dr. Page emphasized removing absolutely all refined carbohydrates (such as sugar and processed flour) and pasteurized cow’s milk from the diet.  On the charts in the pdf, notice the percentage of carbohydrates is indicated.  Dr. Page felt that it was not only important to eat quality proteins and fats, but quality carbohydrates as well.  This food plan is designed to assist your body in its ability to create and maintain “balanced body chemistry.”  The Phase 1 food plan is designed for one to two weeks; the Phase 2 food plan is a maintenance plan. Both can be not only extremely helpful, but in many cases essential in controlling blood sugar and hormone imbalances while balancing many other types of biochemistry problems.

The longer you are on this food plan and the more closely you follow it, the easier it will be to stick to it.  This will result in your feeling and looking so much better than you did on your old way of eating. As you become healthier, your cravings for those foods that are not the best choices for you will diminish.  Old habits are hard to break, so take your time to change your dietary habits so you don’t slip into your old way of eating.  

Download the REVISED Page Food Plan + Food Combining Apendix