Nutritec Software Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions

For the last 20 years Nutritec software has been supporting practitioner’s needs with clinical software. We have found ourselves over this time answering the same questions put forth by our competitors. Hopefully these answers will take care of some of those questions. For more personal answers on how to best apply this software in building a practice, please do not hesitate calling us at IFNH (858) 488-8932, we’re here to support you practitioner.

  1. Does Nutritec offer technical support?Nutritec has two programmers both with advanced degrees in computer science from major universities. Together they represent over 40 years of programming and technical support.

    IFNH offers free technical support and upgrades to all members. (Nutritec is typically upgraded 2 to 3 times a year).

  2. Why does Nutritec call the questionnaire the Symptom Survey instead of the Systems Survey?The original questionnaire had always been referred to as the Symptom Survey until 2011, when an effort was made to make a distinction between the competitor’s software and ours. IFNH chose to not rename the Symptom Survey, because this was the name Dr. Lee and Dr. Page decided on when they originally collaborated on the questionnaire. Quite honestly, who are we to second guess Dr. Lee? We will continue to refer to this series of questions as the Symptom Survey. We can’t help wondering why anyone would be agreeable to this name change after it has been in use for the last 40 years and is in educational material everywhere.
  3. What is the difference between Nutritec foundational issues in section 8 and the vitamin B questionnaire?In 1999 Nutritec created group 8, and added the Thiamine Questionnaire (called the vitamin B questionnaire by some) to the original symptom survey form. In a very short time we realized the questionnaire didn’t give much consideration to the vasodilating properties of the vitamin B complex. It ignored Dr. Lee’s genius in showing us the importance of the vasodilating part of Cataplex G and how it helps in detoxification as Dr. Lee and Dr. Murray showed us with the formulation of Cardio Plus. This product was the number one selling product for Standard Process for many years because of its synergistic support to those foundational issues.

    We realized too late the 1996 version of Nutritec already took into consideration the difference between the need for Cataplex B & G in the original programming. In 1997 the programmers extended this ability to include Cardio Plus, Vasculin and Organically Bound Minerals, Drenamin, Drenatrophin PMG and Desiccated Adrenal by making a few modifications and the addition of blood pressure, pulse rate and the nutritional exam. The software takes all this information and synthesizes it before making its product recommendations.

    Nutritec with its unique programming ability already had the capability of looking far deeper than just the difference between Cataplex B and G. At that time, it was decided that it would be much more useful for the practitioner to focus on those foundational issues that Dr. Lee had emphasized. In 2000, Doctors Kaslow, Peshek and Leo Roy changed the questions in group 8 from just a vitamin B section to emphasize those root issues – digestion, sugar handling, liver/biliary function and endocrine stress. By considering those root causes it also made the nutritional exam more comprehensive.

  4. How long has Nutritec been available?Nutritec has been supporting Standard Process with its software since 1996. Over 6,000 practitioners have purchased the software.
  5. What product lines does Nutritec use?Nutritec has used Standard Process since its conception. It added Medi-Herb two months after Standard Process took on the Medi-Herb line in early 2000. There is a 3rd protocol area in the program so another product line could be used if desired.
  6. Does Nutritec offer patient handouts and other supporting material?Nutritec offers a wide range of practitioner and patient support materials in its patient handouts and points section.
  7. Is Nutritec HIPPAA compliant?Nutritec is HIPAA compliant and has been since the law was passed.
  8. Does Nutritec offer any support other than installation?Members of the Foundation who use Nutritec are privy to a wide range of support from practice management to educational materials, as well as a free teleconference once a month on integrating nutrition into your practice.
  9. Who came up with the protocols in Nutritec?Nutritec doesn’t just offer a protocol, it runs a weighted system. In other words, each question has a relationship that is weighted several levels down looking at other questions within that group as well as other questions in other groups. Because of this Nutritec has the ability to do over 2400 calculations in its recommendation. The program is designed to look at function and the root cause rather than just a protocol.

    The patient information entered (nutritional exam) combined with the questions answered by the patient will dictate the final product recommendations. As an example, if you enter the patient’s blood pressure and pulse rate the program could override Cataplex B or G for Vasculin or Cardio Plus.

    IFNH’s contributors to Nutritec are some of the best known practitioners in the country:

    • Jeremy Kaslow, MD
    • James Murphy, DO
    • Kerry Bone, BSc (Hons)
    • Robert Curry, DC
    • Michael Dobbins, DC
    • Stuart F. White, DC, DACAB, CCN
    • Angela Hywood, ND
    • Bruce Pacetti, DDS
    • Jay Robbins, DC
    • David Minzel, PhD
    • Art Capperauld, DC
    • Linda Ryan, ND (Aus)
    • Ernest Caldwell, DC
    • Michael Carter, DC.

    Most of all we want to thank Leo Roy, MD, ND & Robert Peshek, DDS
    In memoriam for their hundreds of hours of work supporting IFNH projects like Nutritec.

  10. Does Nutritec offer an Internet web module for patient input?Nutritec has had a web module add on available for internet input since 2006.
  11. Can I run Nutritec on my Mac?Today even though Nutritec was designed for a Windows-based PC program most Macs will run a Windows based programs if they have the proper software installed. Several companies have written a program that allows you to install Windows onto a Mac so that you can still run your favorite Windows applications. Here are a couple of options that can your life much simpler making that transition from PC to Mac.

    Parallels 7 or later (will completely integrate Windows programs into your Mac desktop) – approximately $80.

    VM Ware Fusion 4 or later (will completely integrate Windows programs into your Mac desktop) – approximately $5

    Boot Camp was not a good option because it limits your use to work in the Mac and share items between the Windows install and Mac’s OSX program. Remember Apple has always been more expensive than PC’s when it comes to buying software and hardware, they have discouraged outside vendors and development that’s why they only represent 5% of the market worldwide compared to PCs. For easier use and better virtualization we feel these two choices above are your best bet: VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac.

  12. What if I want to use Nutritec on more than one computer?When you purchase Nutritec you get 2 license seats automatically and you can network as many other seats as you need at $75 per seat.
  13. Does Nutritec update its product information when new products come out?Nutritec updates with the latest pricing information when standard process releases information between January 1st and 7th each year. There are 2 to 3 updates throughout the year free to members.

Thank you for your time and please do not hesitate contacting us for more information on making your practice grow. When you purchase Nutritec you are not just buying a software program, but joining a network of practitioners over 6,000 strong!