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Download our IFNH Book List for reference while you browse our books online.

Looking for the Clinical Reference Guide? Go to Clinical Recommended Reading and you’ll find it there along with the Herbal Reference Guide and the Veterinary Clinical Reference Guide and much more!

All of our books are listed under Practitioner General Reading, in order by SKU Number from our Price List. Sub-categories of books (Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Dr. Lee Library, etc.) provide a quick reference for specific subjects or books by the Pioneers of Nutrition.

Our CCWFN course materials are listed under DVD & CD Seminars with details about their content.

This Fall, the long awaited Blood Chemistry Desk Reference will be released along with the Blood Chemistry Module for Nutritec! Make sure you are receiving our email updates to pre-order when we get closer to the release date. Contact us to be added to our email list if you don’t already receive our monthly teleconference reminders.

Also, in addition to the Patient Support books, cds and charts, you can also download the Page Fundamental Food Plan, make copies to give to your patients and share the Bieler’s Broth recipe with them as well.