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  • Correct Food Combining chart

    • Retail: $5.95

    This chart was designed by Doctors Melvin Page & Helyn Luechauer, who has taught the Page technique nationally and internationally for the past 20 years. Recommended  as a handout to be placed on the refrigerator, along with the Page Food Plan. This handout helps to assist in patient compliance. Many doctors purchase these in bulk for a patient handouts. (Size: 8.5″ x 11″) Member quantity discount pricing available. 

  • Chromatograms – Natural vs. Synthetic chart

    • Retail: $5.95

    Excellent handout for the patient’s first visit to help them understand the difference between synthetic and whole-food concentrates. Many doctors purchase these in bulk. (Size: 8.5″ x 11″)
    Member quantity discount pricing available.

  • Lee Campaign Buttons “Food is Therapeutic”

    • Retail: $2.95

    Dr. Lee believed Food Is Therapeutic,  no matter what the FDA said. According to the Merck manual the number one cause of death in the world is malnutrition. So join with IFNH in our campaign to increase awareness of the therapeutic value of whole foods. IFNH has created a lapel button much like the presidential campaign buttons of the early 1920s and 30s. After all, that’s what the pioneers of nutrition were trying to tell us, Don’t Mess With Mother Nature. These patient support campaign buttons are available to get your patient involved. Member quantity discount pricing available.

  • The Whole Truth About Vitamins

    • Retail: $5.95

    The Best Patient Support CD! Ideal for the patient’s first exposure to your practice and whole food nutrition, this CD is done with a lot of passion and excitement. It is a great patient support tool by Dr. Toby Watkins, the health detective, and a Los Angeles TV celebrity who was one of his patients. The CD helps patients understand the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins and why a practitioner using nutrition chooses to take a functional approach. Over 300,000 have been sold to date in support of patient awareness. It is clearly one of the practitioner’s favorites.

  • John Courtney: Food is Therapeutic

    • Retail: $5.95

    Get patients excited about the therapeutic value of whole foods! Compiled from interviews with John Courtney, IFNH narrates and brings to life the amazing reality that food is therapeutic.  This cd gives the patient an insight as to why Dr. Lee and his friends felt so strongly about the therapeutic value of food, through the history of the nutritional pioneers from Weston Price to Dr. Wiley. It spotlights the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins with Lee Foundation reprints as references and Dr. Lee’s unbelievable integrity viewed through the eyes of John Courtney. Running time: 36 minutes.

  • Patient Support PowerPoint Presentation CD

    • Retail: $49.95

    One of the hardest things for most practitioners is knowing how to be successful with patient education. Tomorrow’s Children is a patient education presentation that focuses on our children, because even if parents ignore their own health, their parental instincts will still want to give their children and grandchildren the best start in life.  This program is designed to help practitioners with patient education and looks at lifestyle and diet. This data cd includes a PowerPoint presentation and a script for the presenter, along with a patient manual.

  • pH Test Paper

    • Retail: $8.60