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Course #s/ Title/ Hours/ Price

(Courses with an asterisk * are required courses.)

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6003 Foundations of Nutritional Therapy Seminars (Module 1, 2, DVDs/CDs & manuals) plus bonus pack for certification enrollees. 46 hrs. $595.00 *

5700 Nutritional Biochemistry for Optimum Health with Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D. (DVD/CD & manual). 14 hrs. $165.00 *

5502 From the Endocardiograph to the ACG with Dr. Richard Murray (DVD & manuals) 7 hrs. $165.00

5505 ACG Study Group I (DVD/CD & manual #1402 only) 4 hrs. $65.95

5506 ACG Study Group II and the Nutritional Exam (DVD/CD & manual) 5 hrs. $175.00

5600 Mastering the Symptom Survey with Michael Dobbins, DC. (DVD/CD & manual). 7 hrs. $145.00

5610 4th Conference-Foundational Nutrition George Goodheart DC, Robert Peshek DDS.& Stuart White, DC (DVDs & manuals).  7 hrs. $165.00

5620 6th Conference-Foundational Nutrition Stuart White, DC. Holly Carling, LAc Jonathon Wright MD. & James Murphy, DO. 7 hrs. $165.00

5710 Cardiovascular Health A Comprehensive Update (DVD & manuals). 6 hrs. $125.00

7001 Office Assistant Training Course (DVD’s & CD’s)  4 hrs $95.00

7002 Disease Is Optional, The Choice Is Yours (DVD& CD)  10 hrs $165.00

9009 Page Study Group with Ken Fordham, DDS. & Helyn Luechauer, DDS. (CDs & manual) 7 hrs. $110.00

9010 Better Compliance with The Symptom Survey Ernest Caldwell, DC.& David Minzel, PhD. (CDs & manual) 6 hrs. $95.00

Required Reading

There are 17 books that are required reading for the course. Download the Application packet to view the book list.  If you already have some of these books please note with your application. At the time of enrollment, a 20% discount is available for any additional books and/or materials you would like. The Nutritec Software is $100 off for Students as well.

Teleconference Classes

An additional follow-up support program is offered and will be conducted through phone conferencing once a week (Check our seminar calendar on this web site).   Each teleconference will be approximately 1hour followed by a half-hour open forum. The spring support program is accredited. Also check our web site for current listings of classes around the country from any of our faculty members. These courses count towards your certification. the cost of the classes are $25 a month with each months class you receive 1.5 hours credit towards your hundred hours.



Each section of the program requires a post-test consisting of multiple-choice and true-false questions and a short essay. At the end of the course there is an additional exam and essay covering the overall course and study materials. One case study using the nutritional exam and whole food nutrition will be required as part of your final case work (download the case study template). Each of the other individual courses making up the additional hours of credit has an exam supporting each section.