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  • Adrenal Fatigue

    • Retail: $14.95

    Adrenal Fatigue takes a systematic approach to the treatment and support of this 21st century problem. Adrenal fatigue plagues the average patient, allopathic medicine treats the symptom not the root cause. Dr. Wilson explains what it is and how to treat it from a functional model. Here adrenals are designed to support you in a time of stress unfortunately in today’s fast pace lifestyle in the industrialized world we are finding that the adrenal glands are working full time all the time. Lifestyle and diet, heavy metal toxicity, freeway traffic all add to adrenal exhaustion. This is an excellent read.

  • Fixing the Hormone Mess

    • Retail: $26.95

    The Page Diagnostic System.

    by Raymond Forbes, DMD & Bruce Pacetti, DDS

  • A Diagnostic System for Manic Depression Tendency – Parent Screening Guide

    • Retail: $18.95

    The parent screening guide is a simplified version of Dr. Page’s body measurements that reflect genetic predisposition. In this manual we are primarily interested in the response of the posterior pituitary gland. Dr. Raymond Forbes tries to help parents screen their children for depression or manic depression. Unfortunately many parents find out too late that their child is manic-depressive. Through this basic screening and some very simple changes in lifestyle and diet a major change can be made in the future your child can look forward to.

  • The Magic Bullet Support for Depression And Manic Depression

    • Retail: $24.95

    What your endocrinologist doesn’t tell you about how lifestyle and diet can save your life! Dr. Forbes applies his 40 years of working with manic depression in this book. IFNH was contacted by Dr. Forbes back in 1992 in an effort to get a copy of some of Dr. Page’s books and any other materials on Dr. Page’s work. In the following conversation he shared how he was desperate to find out where he could purchase Dr. Page’s MicroEndocrine’s (a supplement) because he had an adopted son who was manic depressive. A couple of years later he contacted us again at IFNH because he wanted to write a book on Dr. Page’s work on depression and manic depression.

    Dr. Forbes used Dr. Page’s newsletters to create his two books manuscript and apply his personal insights on depression and manic depression, covering over 40 years. From our conversations I had no idea that Dr. Forbes was fighting the same problems himself for most of his life. 

  • An Endocrine Handbook

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    A new and revised version of Dr. Harrower’s classic work which provides information on how Dr. Harrower applied his understanding of how to support the endocrine system so it assists in maintaining hormonal balance. Dr. Jeremy Kaslow provides over 30 pages of commentary regarding Harrower’s work in today’s setting. His comments and insights make this book a must for any practitioner interested in broadening his or her knowledge of the endocrine system.

  • Practical Endocrinology

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    Here you will find Dr. Harrower’s original text on the endocrine system. A compendium of most of the known information in the 1940s relating to the endocrine function. A “classic” volume that provides a thorough understanding of the endocrine system’s role in health and disease. This massive work  is not for the faint at heart, its truly a thesis on the endocrine system and its functions.

  • Dr. Harrower’s Relationship of the Endocrine Glands chart

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    Excellent chart for the waiting room. Reveals the inner relationship of the endocrine system. Helps the practitioner relate the Symptom Survey score sheet and also how multiple hypo and hyper glands can be affected with the sugar handling. The more a patients can understand how the body is interrelated the better patient compliance. (Size: 11″ x 15″)