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Martha E. Hall L.Ac DIPL OM

Dear John and all of you at IFNH,

I would like to take this opportunity to relate how much the CCWFN program has increased my knowledge and understanding of the incredible part nutrition plays in our overall health and well being. One which has subsequently increased my confidence and ability to accurately support and treat my patients nutritional needs. Applying this systematic approach and management information has increased patient compliance, creating positive results, boosting product sales, resulting in increased referrals from satisfied healthy patients. What more could you ask for?

In addition, the program is laid out in a manner that allows you to understand the material and apply what you learn to the next module. Having the material on CDs and DVDs with supporting books to reference and of course your prompt, personal support, a phone call away for additional questions has enabled me to apply the information almost immediately. By downloading these materials on my iPod I was able to review the material at convenient times, in the car, on an airplane or at home while occupied by other minor activities.

All the subjects are so informative that you could build a practice on any one of the modules, from digestion to hormonal dysfunction. I sincerely wish I had discovered your program earlier as it is a program that has changed my practice and I will personally benefit from it for the rest of my life, along with each and every one of my patients. If anyone out there has doubts, please feel free to contact me as I feel they are missing an invaluable tool and opportunity to provide quality health service to their patients and make their practice grow.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to broaden my knowledge, provide an invaluable service to my patients and grow in the ever changing healthcare environment.

Martha E. Hall L.Ac DIPL OM
San Juan Capistrano

Holly A. Carling, O.M.D., L.Ac., Ph.D.

Vital Health Concepts
213 West Appleway, Suite 10
Coeur d’ Alene ID 83814

To whom it may concern,

Several years ago I took the courses offered by the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health that make up the CCWFN certification today. It absolutely transformed my practice. At that time I had been a Nutritionist and Master Herbologist for about 15 years and a Licensed Acupuncturist for 5 years. I had taken many post-graduate courses/seminars offered by many supplement companies and nutrition companies and always took vital information back to my practice. I loved learning and loved the difference it made to my patients.

When I took this series, I was expecting the usual. But this was different. This was unique, yet basic. It connected all the dots. I reveled in it. It made so much more sense to me than anything else I had learned – feed the body. Give the body the proper nutrients needed to support function and healing and the body in its innate wisdom would do the rest. I learned to question WHY?

If the body is depleted why?
Is it because the nutrients needed aren’t supplied, or is it that they aren’t being digested or absorbed?
If not being digested or absorbed, why not?
Is something wrong with digestion?
If so, why?

If we don’t heal the root cause, we will always be chasing our tails, running around from one symptom to the next. I considered myself a practitioner in natural medicine, but unfortunately most of my previous classes had all been taught in the allopathic model.

I had been marketed by every company around. They all had the best products. I had been taking Standard Process supplements since 1977, used them in practice, but realized I missed completely the power of these unique products! In the process I also realize the therapeutic nature of whole foods concentrates versus synthetic, fractionated products. This was a whole new world to me.

The CCWFN course was broken down into core principles. Each section built on the other; I would go back to my practice and start applying what I learned. I had minimal confidence in my ability to use what I had just learned, so I volunteered as a helper, then workshop coordinator, ultimately becoming one of the instructors. I wasn’t going to miss anything. My practice was transformed beyond anything I had imagined. My patients started getting well surprisingly quicker, and were referring me to their friends. My practice doubled in size within a very short time.

I had learned some principles that I had never considered. They make sense, they are time-tested and they work! I have now been using these principles and the nutritional exam in practice for 16 years. It never ceases to amaze me how beautifully my patients respond. Even when I have the most complex, difficult new patients, the ones we just don’t know where to start (or used to not know where to start), I begin with the nutritional exam and those basic foundational principles and it’s astonishing the response! Everyone, bar none, when they come to my practice is started on the “foundations”. I have found that starting there; clears up the largest percentage of symptoms, and then the rest can be targeted more easily.

As stated above, the FNT and mentors courses which are now part of the CCWFN certification program transformed my practice. It is so simple, so easy to understand and to apply on a daily basis in your practice. The CCWFN program gives you the tools to have a very successful nutritional practice. I would recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to make a difference in the healing arts. There is nothing like this magnificent course!

Holly A. Carling, O.M.D., L.Ac., Ph.D.

Jay Robbins, DC, DACBN, CCN, CCWFN

Why should you take the CCWFN certification program? In 1994 or 96 I was encouraged to take a series of courses in nutrition offered by the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health. I had taken several courses over the previous years so I was expecting some of the same emphasis. To my surprise this was a new concept in the way the course was put together as well as the many quick and easy tests that were offered to confirm your findings.

The best part for me was the nutritional exam because I never considered myself a muscle tester. I would take a module on digestion or sugar handling go back to my office and teach my partner what I learned, through that process I increased my confidence and saw changes in my patients.

This process made me ask some basic questions that seemed almost too simple, if the body is depleted, why? If the patient is not digesting or absorbing the needed nutrients, what are the issues that interfere with basic body function? Without realizing it I was approaching health and nutrition through the allopathic model, chasing the protocol not the cause. This series of courses which is now the CCWFN program taught me to embrace the functional model and look for the root cause.

Through the process of applying what I learned, my own health changed radically. Some long-term digestive issues disappeared. Each part of the program builds upon itself from digestion to nutritional biochemistry.

I ended up taking the series about three or four times because there were different layers of information as my knowledge grew. I volunteered as a helper, then workshop coordinator, ultimately becoming one of the instructors. This was a whole new world to me, over the last 20 years my practice has changed beyond anything I had imagined. My patients started getting well surprisingly quicker, and were referring me to their friends. My practice doubled in size in a very short time.

I would recommend the CCWFN program to anyone. It gives you the tools to have a very successful nutritional practice. Besides you’re supporting the philosophy of one of my favorite people Dr. Royal Lee.

Jay Robbins, DC, DACBN, CCN, CCWFN

Christian Mathisen, BA, LMT, DC

3654 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford Oregon, 97501 (541) 535-411 DC# 2855, LMT# 2943

April 30, 2010

John Brady
IFNH Director
3963 Mission Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92109

Dear John,
When I picked up the mail today, a large white envelope from the Foundation was waiting for me. When I opened it, I was pleased and surprised to find my CCWFN certification, transcript, and your letter of congratulations. Yes, I am very pleased and surprised by the results! It’s changed the way I practice and support my patients. I’m now able to introduce nutrition to my patients confidently and competently. I have watched my patients grow healthier as my practice has grown healthier, thanks to the program.

Most of all, I am proud to be a member of the International Foundation for Nutrition and Health, to be recognized as a proficient clinical nutritionist embracing the whole foods concept put forth by Royal Lee, Weston Price and so many others great pioneers in the field.

Also I want to offer my thanks to you and your staff John, for making this program possible for those who would like to study and learn. The hard work and diligence put forth by your teaching staff and supporting personnel goes well beyond the call of duty. I am grateful to all of you for what you do to support us practitioners.

I’m sure we will be in touch in the future, there seems to be always one more question.

Christian Mathisen, DC, CCWFN

Michael B. Priestman, DC

Priestman Chiropractic
68 West Avenue Plaza
Canandaigua, NY 14424
TEL (585) 396-3180
FAX (585) 396-1152

Hello John,

I have recently started the IFNH home study program, and I am already seeing the benefits in my practice as I begin to implement the suggestions of those who have done well before me.

Last night I had an epiphany though. I was watching the DVD on practice management, and the speaker might have been talking to me directly. As a Chiropractor, I had some bad experiences with management seminars twenty years ago, and I had done it my own way with the result that I never did a formal report of findings, and certainly never on separate days from the exam, because I thought it was unethical. As I was watching, it occurred to me that most of the problems I had with patients was from not being assertive enough and letting thing just “happen”. Needless to say many times they did not happen the way I wanted.

I am moving my office in a few weeks, and I am resolved to incorporate a report of findings into both my Wellness and Chiropractic new patients. I noticed that the speaker talked of at the least, having the patient go out into the waiting room for a bit if they were an acute Chiropractic case while he went over the case to make the patient feel he was taking it seriously. The speaker stated that he was doing the patient a disservice if he did not manage him correctly to get him on board.

I can see that now. It has been twenty years, but better late than never. Thank you again for this excellent program.

Cheers, Michael

Robert Baritz, DC, CCWFN

As Clinic Director of Baritz Wellness Center I wanted to expand my practice from strictly a chiropractic practice I wanted to expand my practice into more of a wellness practice. I have always had a passion for helping people lead healthier and happier lives. I have dedicated my life to finding a natural solution to their health problems. So it was only natural I started taking classes recommend by my SP rep, they were good, but I wanted more. So I turned to Dr. Fred Ulan muscle testing technique NRT. After about a year of courses and numerous trips to Florida I felt confident and had several amazing successes under my belt.

But the integration of nutrition into my practice was still difficult, many of my patients were having a hard time understanding what I was doing and were still skeptical. In questioning my patients one of the issues that was an underlying concern seemed to be what my qualifications were to recommend nutrition, after all I was a chiropractor. I had just enrolled in the CCWFN certification program in whole food nutrition given by the International Foundation for Nutritional and Health so I would get some credibility by being certified.
This program not only gave me the certification, but real tools and structure to complete the implementation process. I found it stressful trying to convince people about the validity of muscle testing, so I designed a four part high quality exam:

  • 25% Symptom Survey
  • 25% Nutritional Exam
  • 25% Consultation: main complaints, systems review
  • 25% Nutritional Response Testing (Kinesiology).

Thus muscle testing forms only ¼ of my evaluation, I use it because it helps, but the CCWFN program is based on a well rounded exam. This exam is more detailed than what the patient usually would get anywhere else, without the high cost of the other testing performed during their medical visits. My weaknesses became my strengths!

My consultation now includes clinical testing and an evaluation of the patients overall health. It looks at prevention through lifestyle and diet and how those affect them. The practice management and implementation information shared throughout the CCWFN program has helped me to build up my patient compliance and referrals. This approach has empowered the patient to become healthier.

Today most of my practice is a cash practice due to these changes. I recommend the CCWFN program to anyone who is looking for a way to expand their practice, and I thank the staff and instructors of the program for their support and patience.

Robert Baritz, DC, CCWFN

Daniel Anrig, DC CCWFN

To whom it may concern

My first contact with IFNH was when I was looking for educational material that might be helpful to me in teaching a program to seventh and eighth graders on nutrition. After two long conversations I was headed in the right direction with a course outline and some tools that would make it successful. Part of what we laid out included the nutritional exam on digestion so I could make it a proactive course with more participation by the students.

The nutritional exam motivated me towards enrolling in the CCWFN program over two years ago now. I had taken a number of courses on nutrition from the advice of my Standard Process rep; unfortunately they never seemed to bring it all together. The CCWFN program is not just a 100 hour certification; it was a whole new way of creating a nutritional practice. Each module is a stepping stone to the next, building on the principles of Dr’s. Lee, Page, Harrower and of course Price and Pottenger.

I highly recommend this program, its worth a 100 times more than any management or nutritional course I’ve ever taken. It started me on a growth cycle in my practice that has been astonishing. My practice has grown from $1,500-$2,000 a month, to over six figures in August of this year. But more than that it has changed the way I look and manage my patients; it has laid the groundwork and given me the structure for continued success. I truly feel I now educate my patients in a way I believe those pioneers would approve of.

As I went through the program I knew I was on the right track, as I realized that many of SP’s top speakers have gone through the program. If you’re looking for a course that will help you grow your practice, create long-term relationships with your patients and put fun back into your chiropractic career, I can’t recommend this course enough.


Daniel Anrig, DC CCWFN