Dr. Lee on Foundational Nutrition

What’s the difference between Foundational nutrition and the current allopathic model of disease and pathology? Foundational nutrition looks to maintain health, by looking at the foundational issues of function. Then, we use a nutritional approach with diet, lifestyle and whole food supplementation as an intervention. So what does that mean? Foundational nutrition focuses on looking […]

Coronavirus Part 2

Dr. Lee became acutely aware of how important a strong immune system is, as a 23-year-old soldier during World War I. He experienced the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which hit the military of both sides of the ocean, infecting over 50 million people in just over two years, and killing over 500,000. The Spanish […]


Download the Patient Handout Here In the 1950s, Dr. Lee wrote several articles which pointed out that if your immune system was weak due to diet and lifestyle, you are especially susceptible to viruses like the Coronavirus. He was criticized because he emphasized that the body’s immune response hinges on what we eat. “In recent […]

Food For Thought with Dr. Lee

If something is described as providing Food For Thought, it’s worth seriously considering. Dr. Lee made his infamous statement that Food Is Therapeutic, and you might think that statement is so painfully correct that you would assume it couldn’t be questioned. Think about the simplicity of that statement and how strong his belief was. He […]

What’s the Beef with Red Meat?

We’ve all seen the headlines about how deadly red meat is, with studies linking red meat to mortality. The warning signs from a study, done by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found how every extra daily serving of unprocessed red meat (steak, hamburger, pork, etc.) can increase your risk of dying prematurely […]

The Acoustic CardioGraph Study Group

Food For Thought: 10/15/19. In this newsletter, I thought it would be fun to share some material from the ACG Study Group that I found in our archives a couple of days back. The ACG study group was formed to see how Dr. Lee formulated many of his products using the Endocardiograph. Obviously, Dr. Lee […]

An Aspirin a Day Can Keep the Doctor Away?

Food for Thought, 9/19/19 We have all heard the recommendation and claims that “an aspirin a day can keep the doctor away”, stop those aches and pains, and prevent a stroke or heart attack. “Aspirin interferes with your blood’s clotting action. A blood clot can form and block the artery. This prevents blood flow to […]

Dr. Lee on The Selection Of Foods, (Part 2)

Dr. Lee on THE SELECTION OF FOODS through the eyes of John Courtney. (Part 2) Patient Handout: THE-SELECTION-OF-FOODS-Part-2-PDF Download In Part 1 of this article, we talked about how the low fat diet is getting a new boost without truly sharing the whole picture. Could this be what upset Dr. Lee and his friends? People are led to […]

Dr. Lee on The Selection of Foods

Dr. Lee on THE SELECTION OF FOODS through the eyes of John Courtney. (Part 1) Patient Handout: THE-SELECTION-OF-FOODS-Part-1-PDFDownload John Courtney was one of Dr. Lee’s closest friends and confidants, so after this week’s news headlines on low-fat diets, I thought this was the perfect time to look at Dr. Lee’s vision on the foods we […]

Dr. Lee on Function and Depression

We know that Dr. Lee recommended doing both a blood pressure and pulse test on every visit with every patient, especially when using the symptom survey questionnaire. He especially wanted you to do Ragland’s blood pressure test on every patient. (That test is in the white pages of your Clinical Reference Guide.)  Why was he […]

Food Combining with Dr. Page & Dr. Lee

As I spent the last two weeks of 2018 on the index and appendices of Dr. Kaslow’s long-awaited blood chemistry manual, I found myself getting excited about an old concept that is so obvious! This final section on Dr. Page’s Food Combining reaffirms Dr. Lee’s attitude That Food is Therapeutic. Two of our early mentors gave […]

Fasting & Cleansing

Food For Thought 12/04/18.  Every year at this time, I find myself looking forward to the holidays with its family get-togethers, festive spirit and all the things I shouldn’t eat. I was a little horrified, though when I went to Costco three days before Halloween and they were already selling Christmas! The kids hadn’t even […]

Halloween Hangover?

Food For Thought, 11/13/2018 “Sugar and spice and everything nice- that’s what little girls are made of. Snips and Snails and puppy dog tails- that’s what little boys are made of.” What a great poem for Halloween, but it isn’t quite true anymore, as I found out by trying to have a Halloween like I […]

An Honest Loaf, by Dr. Royal Lee – 1956

Food for thought: An Honest Loaf, by Dr. Royal Lee – 1956 Sidebar: In this article, I thought Dr. Lee truly gave us some food for thought with the clamor about gluten sensitivity lately. Today, we find patients that are extremely sensitive to gluten, but as I went through this article it definitely made me […]