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  • Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

    • Retail: $27.95

    This is a classic study and commentary on the relationship between traditional nature-based diet and health. Traveling throughout the world, primarily in the 1930s, Dr. and Mrs. Price investigated cultures that had not yet been exposed to the “foods of commerce”.  It quickly became apparent to him that “modern ills” were a result of “modern food”. The fascinating accounts and accompanying photos provide compelling reasons for the return by today’s health-conscious individual to a “primitive diet”. Dr. Price’s study gave us the first insight into the calcium-phosphorus ratio, and leaves us with the question of why with all our modern technology do 5 out of 10 suffer from heart disease, and 4 out of 10 contract cancer.

  • Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine

    • Retail: $0.00

    Dr. Schmid begins with a thorough overview of the work of Dr. Weston Price and Dr. Francis Pottenger. With this as background, he presents a complete perspective on how diet influences health. There is a great deal of up-to-date information on individual foods and food groups currently available in today’s marketplace, a review of well-known, popular diets, and how foods can be used to aid in the recovery of health. Various other related topics are discussed which provide a broad context within which the importance of nutrition is emphasized.

  • Food and Behavior

    • Retail: $9.95

    Summary: Barbara Stitt discovered during 20 years experience as a probation officer working with aggressive and violent behaviors, that lifestyle and diet created one of the major effects that led these individuals to dysfunction. By changing diet, one can restore the proper molecular balance of the brain therefore healing the individual rather than simply covering up unwanted behavior. The information in this book is paramount to a great many parents as well as men and women of all ages trying to survive on the American diet. This book is highly recommended for patients to understand the impact of blood sugar problems from an emotional and behavioral standpoint.

  • Vitamin D

    • Retail: $9.95

    This book explores the power of Vitamin D. When Paul discovered his 37 year old son had osteoporosis, he set out to find why calcium metabolism had such an impact on a son raised with access to the best health care. Paul discusses the complex structure of Vitamin D and unfolds the secrets of how it helps prevent disease and many other avoidable health problems.

  • Pottenger’s Cats

    • Retail: $9.95

    Summary: A summary on his classic experiments on cats. It clearly demonstrates the result of including any heated food in the diet. The methodology of these experiments has withstood the challenge of time, and its conclusions are impossible to ignore. A small paperback that provides, especially in its last chapters, significant information on the best diet to promote efficient digestion and maximum nutritional intake. Recipe suggestions are also provided.

  • Back to the Basics of Human Health

    • Retail: $14.95

    Summary: Mary Frost has compiled a patient primer that provides an overview on a variety of health-related topics. Her publication extracts historical and research information from a variety of sources that support the philosophy of our Foundation. As stated, “This booklet has been presented in an effort to educate you about natural food and soil, whole food supplements vs. synthetic, and the importance of protein and natural fats in the diet.”

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  • Dr. Jo’s Natural Healing Cookbook

    • Retail: $16.95

    Dr. Tillman said, “a more likely name for this book would be the ‘Get Healthy Eating Plan’.” This book is based off the fundamentals of the Page Food Plan from Dr. Melvin Page, a pioneer in organic and natural foods. Dr. Tillman opens your perspective on food’s impact on your overall health and helps sparks the creativity of designing meals for optimal health. The hardest thing for patients is getting started, with this book it gives them more options for healthy eating.

  • Real Food Real Fast

    • Retail: $12.95

    Delicious and nutritious meals in just 12 minutes or less. A fast step-by-step healthy eating system. Rico Caveglia is a certified fitness trainer, nutritional consultant, professional speaker, and Gold Medalist.

  • Ageless Living

    • Retail: $24.95

    “To Age Is Natural, To Grow Old Is Not” This workbook provides a superb program that directs the reader along a path towards a long and energetic lifestyle. Rico Caveglia has put together this workbook in an easy to follow manner.  The reader will  find themselves involved in their own progress through various readings and chartings.

  • Key to Better Living

    • Retail: $5.95

    This books is designed to give the patient a breakdown of the daily things we put into our bodies that end us getting toxic and sick. This book discusses well researched subjects, like fluoride and additives. Sections of this book make great pamphlet handouts for patient education.

  • Fats That Heal Fats That Kill

    • Retail: $22.95

    Lays out the value of having healthy fats and oils in one’s life from an emotional and physical standpoint.

    Well researched and referenced; not designed for the lay public.

  • Killer Colas – The Hard Truth About Soft Drinks

    • Retail: $15.95

    This is one in a series of books written by Nancy Appleton,  author of Lick the Sugar Habit. This book presents overwhelming data of how soft drinks, that are full of refined sugar, are present in schools and our daily life. A must-read for anyone who consumes sugar on a regular basis.

  • The Pharmaceutical Myth

    • Retail: $19.95

    Gerald Roliz was a pharmaceutical rep who found himself questioning the allopathic. This book covers many of our patient’s question about the negative impact perscription drugs have on health. Gerald presents the darkside of pharmaceuticals from the perspective from a person who traded people drugs for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Lick the Sugar Habit

    • Retail: $12.95

    Summary: Dr. Appleton explores the effects of the least recognized culprit in degenerative conditions. She perceptively relates how the addition of carbohydrates/sugars to the diet has become addictive. The body chemistry principle is then explained so diet and lifestyle can be changed to promote optimum health. This paperback is packed with a great deal of useful information. The inspiration and insight of Dr. Melvin Page’s work are reflected throughout this book, thanks to the contributions of Dr. Bruce Pacetti of the Page Clinic.

  • Healthy Bones

    • Retail: $11.95

    Dr. Appleton uses the body chemistry principle to show how a well-balanced diet can prevent or reverse osteoporosis. Current thinking and treatments are first discussed, then diet and lifestyle suggestions are made to support improved health. Food choice information and recipes are given to assist the reader in making effective changes.

  • The Curse of Louis Pasteur

    • Retail: $11.95

    In the late 19th century, Louis Pasteur originated the “germ theory”, which, simply stated, says that the body is sterile and germs from the air cause disease. This became the medical paradigm for the Western world, which seeks to cure disease through medication. Nancy Appleton suggests that disease is generally caused not by outside microscopic invaders, but by ourselves in what we think, say, feel, do and eat. Abundant evidence suggests that germs are not the cause of many illnesses so common in North America, including allergies, arthritis, osteoporosis, and others that fall into the category of chronic and degenerative diseases. This book gives a scientific option to Louis Pasteur’s germ theory, shows why some people get sick and others do not, why medicines heal some people and not others, how your body can resist infections and degenerative diseases, the true cause of disease and the true cause of healing. Food plans and ways to eat to enhance health and healing are offered. This is an excellent patient support book.