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  • Stopping Inflammation

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    Inflammation is a term we hear so often, yet most patients do not understand the cause. Drawing on the latest research Dr. Appleton gives us a full explanation of the causes from a functional approach and its treatment from a drugless perspective. The contributing factors are examined from food allergies to environmental issues, psychological stress, obesity, addiction and heart disease to just name a few . Underneath it all there is one leading factor – lifestyle and diet.

  • Feed your Kids Well

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    Today, one-third of North American children and teenagers are overweight. Despite decades of medical and scientific breakthroughs, the percentage of children with health problems is the highest in history. This book is the tool concerned parents can use to help their overweight and non-overweight children get healthy. Dr. Pescatore builds on the low-carbohydrate principles of Dr. Atkin’s “New Diet Revolution” to form a health program specifically for children. After explaining how your child’s body and metabolism work, Dr. Pescatore clearly outlines a straightforward nutritional lifestyle program that helps parents shape the important building blocks – protein, fats, and carbohydrates – into complete, well-balanced meals. Many of the menus provided do not make the Page Diet Plan, but the issues explored and discussion of good and bad fats are very enlightening.

  • The Blood and its 3rd Anatomical Element

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    The Blood And It’s 3rd Anatomical Element by Antoine Béchamp MD. PhD, was first published in France in 1899 and later translated into English in 1912.  This work is a scientific masterpiece on the microzyma, the sub-microscopic organisms of the cell of life form.  Bechamp’s work was overshadowed and almost lost do to the flamboyant behavior of one of his students, Lewis Pasteur (Beauchamp or Pasteur-A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by G. Douglas Hume.)  Beauchamp’s work and understanding of biochemistry is enlightening and fascinating even more so today.  This is not a Sunday read.

  • Béchamp or Pasteur

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    Although this book was not written by Antoine Béchamp it is important to read for it goes through the brilliant career of Dr Béchamp. It shows how at the end of Dr Béchamp’s life Pasteur as a master marketer plagiarized much of his research and left us with the germ theory. It is amazing when you realize when Dr Béchamp did his research how long it took us a  to get back on track.

  • Foods and their Adulteration

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    Dr. Wiley wrote this manuscript right after leaving government service, unfortunately due to the loss of the manuscript at the publishers he was forced to sit down and recompile the information all over again. By the time he completed the manuscript no one seemed interested in printing the information so Dr. Wiley was forced to self publish and make it available to the public. There seems to be numerous stories on the disappearance of the original manuscript, but we were not able to substantiate any of them at this time. This book is different from The History of A Crime in that it deals the adulteration of foods by the food industry from a more practical application. The History of A Crime is more an exposé of what exactly happened from a political standpoint to the first food law past to protect the public

  • The History of a Crime Against The Food Laws

    • Retail: $39.95

    Dr. Wiley sat down at the age of 84 to compile his many notes to start the process of writing of this book. Both of Dr. Wiley’s books were chosen by Dr. Lee to be the first publications by The Lee Foundation For Nutritional Research. This book is a narrative of how the politicians and special interests ignored the public interest and set in motion changing the FDA to comply with special interests and lobbyists wishes. Dr. Wiley chose to write this manuscript at the end of his life because he recognized the explosive nature of what he had to tell. Author: Harvey W. Wiley, M.D.

  • Why Do I Need Whole Food Supplements

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    In this book, you will discover the five major reasons why you need to whole food supplement in our diet today. You will learn how synthetic vitamins can’t replace food and how our food sources can be compromised by the soil and farming techniques. Lorrie Medford shows you why all supplements are not alike. Author: Lorrie Medford, CN

  • Dr. Bob’s Guide to Stop ADHD

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    This is a how-to guide for parents with hyperactive children. Dr. Bob uses a drugless approach of getting to the root cause of the hyperactivity. All too often, drugs are used instead of looking for what is driving the problem (which is usually lifestyle and diet). As our food chain is compromised, we are finding more and more children born with severe food allergies. Let your child and family enjoy optimum natural health and experience the results within 18 days.

  • Dr. Bob’s Men’s Health – The Basics

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    Due to the success of Dr. Bob’s Balancing Female Hormones, Dr. Bob was forced to look at the other side of that equation. This book looks at male health and offers insights to a drugless approach in balancing the endocrine system. Whether you are a patient or a practitioner this book offers insights into a good solid and simple way to balance those pesky hormones.

  • Dr. Bob’s Trans Fat Survival Guide

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    This is the patient’s guide to understanding fatty acid metabolism and how it affects your physical and emotional being. Dr. Bob offers simple and clear explanations for your patients to understand.

  • Dr. Bob’s Balancing Female Hormones

    • Retail: $19.95

    This book looks at female health and offers insights to a drugless approach in balancing the endocrine system. Whether you are a patient or a practitioner it offers insights into a good solid and simple way to balance those pesky hormones.

  • Dr. Bob’s Guide to Prevent Surgery

    • Retail: $19.95
    Were you ever told you needed a surgery that you later found out was unnecessary? The truth is, many of the surgeries performed each year can be prevented. Dr. Bob’s Guide to Prevent Surgery can help you avoid going under the knife, through time-tested nutritional advice and drugless protocols that address cause rather than symptoms. Dr. Bob focuses on 20 of today’s most popular surgeries, including Heart, Gallbaladder, Thyroid, Hip Replacement, Carpal Tunnel, Cataract, Prostate, Spinal and more.
  • Enzyme Nutrition

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    A condensed version of Dr. Howell’s lifelong research, this book provides the biochemical basis for why all foods, to be properly utilized as nutrients, must be consumed in an unheated state. When we are young, says Dr. Howell, our normal ability to produce enzymes internally promotes rapid growth, and in most cases prevents serious illness. But as we age, our internal enzymes become depleted. Unless we do something to stop their one-way flow out of the body, our digestive and eliminative capacities weaken. This can lead to acute health complaints, obesity, and chronic illness. If an individual chooses to consume cooked food, this book is a must to understand why enzymatic supplementation is required.

  • Adrenal Fatigue

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    Adrenal Fatigue takes a systematic approach to the treatment and support of this 21st century problem. Adrenal fatigue plagues the average patient, allopathic medicine treats the symptom not the root cause. Dr. Wilson explains what it is and how to treat it from a functional model. Here adrenals are designed to support you in a time of stress unfortunately in today’s fast pace lifestyle in the industrialized world we are finding that the adrenal glands are working full time all the time. Lifestyle and diet, heavy metal toxicity, freeway traffic all add to adrenal exhaustion. This is an excellent read.

  • Freedom from Chronic Disease

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    First published when the connection between chronic illness and nutrition was virtually unknown by the public.  This book provides an alternative for the many people who live with such incurable conditions as arthritis, asthma, hypoglycemia, migraines, and tobacco and alcohol addictions. Dr. Kaslow’s patients have found that diseases they had written off as incurable were instead the result of the body’s long-sustained “rejectivity response” to certain foods, and of general nutritional imbalance. Dr. Kaslow explains how you can use his simple and straightforward program for diminishing and even reversing the course of chronic disease. There are no drugs, no prolonged treatments, and above all, no medical dependency. Instead, his Workbook for Personal Health shows you how to identify the foods that are bad for your body and remove them from your diet. And how to follow the revolutionary 8 Mini-Food Meal program which allows you to achieve balanced nutrition while avoiding the food-rejectivity response, and how to revitalize your body through stress identification and reduction and exercise.

  • Cardiovascular Deficiency vs. Nutritional Efficiency

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    This is the present manual used to support the use of the ACG. It provides background information on: foundational nutrition, cardiac function, cardiovascular health, symptom survey materials, and Standard Process product protocols. Food plans for balancing body chemistry are included. (Presently being reprinted)