Freedom from Chronic Disease

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First published when the connection between chronic illness and nutrition was virtually unknown by the public.  This book provides an alternative for the many people who live with such incurable conditions as arthritis, asthma, hypoglycemia, migraines, and tobacco and alcohol addictions. Dr. Kaslow’s patients have found that diseases they had written off as incurable were instead the result of the body’s long-sustained “rejectivity response” to certain foods, and of general nutritional imbalance. Dr. Kaslow explains how you can use his simple and straightforward program for diminishing and even reversing the course of chronic disease. There are no drugs, no prolonged treatments, and above all, no medical dependency. Instead, his Workbook for Personal Health shows you how to identify the foods that are bad for your body and remove them from your diet. And how to follow the revolutionary 8 Mini-Food Meal program which allows you to achieve balanced nutrition while avoiding the food-rejectivity response, and how to revitalize your body through stress identification and reduction and exercise.


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