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  • Empty Harvest

    • Retail: $14.95

    Mark Anderson, with the support of Dr. Bernard Jensen, shows how interconnected man is to the Earth, especially the link among our food, our immunity, and our planet. While looking at the better known man-made disasters such as the “greenhouse effect”, the indiscriminate use of toxic pesticides, and the destruction of the world’s forests, this book clearly focuses on the existing dangers inherent in our agricultural system: demineralization of our soil, the declining nutritional values of our food supply, the resulting weakening of our bodies’ immune systems, and much more. Finally, this book offers a wide range of practical solutions that are still available to man, and can mend nature’s broken state if applied in time.

  • The Real Truth about Vitamins & Anti-Oxidants

    • Retail: $16.95

    An excellent report relating how most supplements are actually harmful to health. A comparison between pharmaceutical or manufactured supplements, food and food concentrates is given which shows that to be productively utilized, nutrients must be available for the body to use. Judith DeCava presents, without bias, the established facts known about vitamins and antioxidants, and draws on the wealth of observations and findings left by Dr. Royal Lee from 1923 to 1967. It confirms that food and food concentrates are your “best medicine.”

  • Good Foods, Bad Foods

    • Retail: $12.95

    Most patients have a hard time understanding what real nourishment is and how it affects their health. Judy DeCava does an excellent job of showing us the path between the synthetic fractionated vitamins found at your local drugstore and the therapeutic value of whole vital foods. The old statement “we are what we eat” has proven itself a reality with the staggering statistics of the deteriorating health in this nation. This is an outstanding patient support tool or for those practitioners who just want well documented information. The sections, “Food for Thought” at the end of each chapter should be  required reading.

  • Metabolic Aspect of Health

    • Retail: $24.95

    Metabolic Aspects of Health by John A Myers, MD. and Karl H. Schutte PhD. was written at the end of Dr. Meyers life in an attempt to explain how he developed his unique formulas to support the metabolic balance of body chemistry.  This manual is a fascinating read for those who are willing to look deeper into clinical nutrition.

  • Endocardiograph Operation/Interpretation

    • Retail: $14.95

    This is the original instruction manual for the Endocardiograph. Provides the Acoustic CardioGraph owner useful background information for operating the machine.

  • Notes on Cardiac Pathology & Diagnostic Signs

    • Retail: $12.95

    A comprehensive book describing the use of the Endocardiograph in a clinical setting. It provides descriptive information on heart action patterns presented by various heart conditions. Detailed descriptions are given for a full range of heart and blood pressure abnormalities.

  • Nutrition for a Healthy Heart

    • Retail: $41.95

    Dr. Peshek gives a thorough presentation on the heart from a functional perspective, with tons of references from Dr. Lee’s materials on the Endocardiograph. This manual includes most of the Endocardiograph diagnostic evaluations. Dr. Peshek a long-time disciple of both Harold Hawkins and Melvin Page, brings Dr. Hawkins classic work in pH and Dr. Page’s work together in this book. His biochemical background is utilized to support a full spectrum treatment. It also includes information on electro-point therapy. ISBN 0-960590226

  • Searching for Health

    • Retail: $18.95

    In Searching for Health, Dr. Peshek focuses on giving the patient the tools to understand how clinical nutrition works. Unlike his other more academic works Dr. Peshek draws a quick and easy to follow picture of how good function dictates ones health. For those who are familiar with the works of Drs. Hawkins and especially Melvin Page will find the time spent with both are definitely apparent. This book has some excellent points for the clinician to glean as well for the patient with a inquiring mind.   ISBN 0-960590242

  • TMJ Therapy Balancing Body Chemistry

    • Retail: $65.95

    The purpose of this book is to introduce four concepts of TMJ therapy: (1) The TMJ PA Block Concept; (2) The Fulcrum Appliance (Orthotic) Concept; (3) The Nutrient Pharmacology Concept; (4) The Electrical Point Concept. The degree of success is elevated to new heights when these four concepts are accepted and practiced as a foundation to TMJ therapy.

  • Balancing Body Chemistry with Nutrition-Student Manual

    • Retail: $29.95

    In this the second of a series of manuals on clinical nutrition.  Dr. Peshek focuses on the biochemical pathways that influence the breakdown of health and creates disease.   In this text the emphasis is on the student and getting the foundational information on biochemical nutrition out of the way. From a reader’s standpoint of someone just getting started in clinical nutrition this should be the first manual in the series. Dr. Peshek a long-time disciple of both Harold Hawkins and Melvin Page brings Dr. Hawkins classic work in pH and Dr. Page’s work together. ISBN 0-960590218

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Balancing Body Chemistry with Nutrition-Clinician Manual

    • Retail: $39.95

    Dr. Peshek a long-time disciple of both Harold Hawkins and Melvin Page brings Dr. Hawkins classic work in pH and Dr. Page’s work together. In this first of a series of manuals on clinical nutrition, Dr. Peshek focuses on the biochemical pathways that influence the breakdown of health and creates disease. The material included in this extensive manual is not for the novice, but designed to increase the knowledge and awareness of a true clinician in nutrition. This manual is full of clinical pearls gleaned from his time with both Dr. Hawkins and Dr. Page.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Clinical Nutrition – 7 Lines of Defense Against Disease

    • Retail: $27.95

    Dr. Peshek a long-time disciple of both Harold Hawkins and Melvin Page, brings Dr. Hawkins classic work in pH and Dr. Page’s work together in this book. Dr. Peshek tries to answer the most frequently asked question by doctors who want to learn more about Clinical Nutrition: “How do I get started?” Step-by-step procedures required to become competent in clinical nutrition are described in this manual. The material included in this book is the foundation upon which you can grow and mature into a biochemical nutritionist. This is without doubt, a complete text using a holistic approach in learning clinical nutrition. ISBN 0-960590234

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Hepatitis B – The Quiet Killer

    • Retail: $9.95

    In the next three to five years the world health community will be awakening to the fact that the Hepatitis B virus could be 100 times more contagious than the AIDS virus. Dr. Peshek takes us through his personal journey in the fight against this quiet killer. This in depth book on hepatitis is full of insights not only for the patient, but the practitioner as well. His insights as a noted practitioner who found himself on the opposite side of the examining table is informative and moving.

  • Fixing the Hormone Mess

    • Retail: $26.95

    The Page Diagnostic System.

    by Raymond Forbes, DMD & Bruce Pacetti, DDS

  • A Diagnostic System for Manic Depression Tendency – Parent Screening Guide

    • Retail: $18.95

    The parent screening guide is a simplified version of Dr. Page’s body measurements that reflect genetic predisposition. In this manual we are primarily interested in the response of the posterior pituitary gland. Dr. Raymond Forbes tries to help parents screen their children for depression or manic depression. Unfortunately many parents find out too late that their child is manic-depressive. Through this basic screening and some very simple changes in lifestyle and diet a major change can be made in the future your child can look forward to.

  • The Magic Bullet Support for Depression And Manic Depression

    • Retail: $24.95

    What your endocrinologist doesn’t tell you about how lifestyle and diet can save your life! Dr. Forbes applies his 40 years of working with manic depression in this book. IFNH was contacted by Dr. Forbes back in 1992 in an effort to get a copy of some of Dr. Page’s books and any other materials on Dr. Page’s work. In the following conversation he shared how he was desperate to find out where he could purchase Dr. Page’s MicroEndocrine’s (a supplement) because he had an adopted son who was manic depressive. A couple of years later he contacted us again at IFNH because he wanted to write a book on Dr. Page’s work on depression and manic depression.

    Dr. Forbes used Dr. Page’s newsletters to create his two books manuscript and apply his personal insights on depression and manic depression, covering over 40 years. From our conversations I had no idea that Dr. Forbes was fighting the same problems himself for most of his life.