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  • Mastering Nutrition with the Symptom Survey 2nd Edition

    • Retail: $35.95

    The Symptom Survey manual looks at signs and symptoms to help to better understand foundational nutrition or the root cause of a particular issue. This manual looks at the primary and secondary cause as well as giving a recommended nutritional protocol for support of that issue. This complete workbook consists of various sections, including a full description and commentary regarding symptoms, biochemistry and balancing nutrition, and additional information for using the Symptom Survey. Contemporary research and commentary for this manual is due largely to the contributions of Jeremy Kaslow, MD, Michael Dobbins, DC, Bruce Pacetti, DDS, Dan Newell, PhD, Leo Roy, MD, ND, Bruce West, DC, and Robert Peshek, DDS.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Laboratory Interpretation Desk Reference Manual

    • Retail: $0.00

    The long awaited Desk Reference for Mastering Nutrition with Blood Chemistry!

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • Mastering Nutrition with Blood Chemistry Quick Reference

    • Retail: $29.95

    This quick reference manual is just what the name implies a quick and easy reference manual in clinical nutrition. It provide lab values, protocols, clinical comments and dietary insights. 104 pages.

    *Please note: Clinical books are only available for practitioners.

  • An Introduction to Protomorphology

    • Retail: $6.95

    This pamphlet was transcribed from a lecture by Dr. Royal Lee. It was delivered to a meeting of physicians and dentists in April, 1956 for The American Academy of Applied Nutrition. Through Dr. Lee’s own words, he explains in very understandable terms the meaning of protomorphology and the nutritional benefits of protomorphogens.  This pamphlet should be your first read in the protomorphology series.  For those trying to understand the benefits of the use of protomorphogens, as well as the difference between whole desiccated cell products, this is an excellent place to start.

  • Food and Life, Excerpts – Agricultural Department 1939

    • Retail: $6.95

    Dr. Lee and the Lee Foundation encouraged all practitioners interested in nutrition to read this pamphlet. Food and Life was the yearly journal published by the American Agricultural Department.  This pamphlet is made up of excerpts removed from the journal in 1939, reflecting the agricultural department’s feeling about vitamin deficiencies and how it related to disease.  Unfortunately, after this publication was released the agricultural Department took a very different turn in what they published due to special interest groups.

  • A Fresh Look at Milk

    • Retail: $6.95

    A fresh look at milk by Dr Francis Pottenger is a easy and quick read excerpts published in 1962 from modern nutrition.  Dr. Pottenger uses his landmark work published in Pottenger’s Study as a basis for looking at the flaws in using pasteurized milk.  Dr. Pottenger in his original study opened our eyes to genetic disposition.  The Lee Foundation obtained permission to reprint this outstanding article.

  • Dr. Harrower’s Relationship of the Endocrine Glands chart

    • Retail: $12.95

    Excellent chart for the waiting room. Reveals the inner relationship of the endocrine system. Helps the practitioner relate the Symptom Survey score sheet and also how multiple hypo and hyper glands can be affected with the sugar handling. The more a patients can understand how the body is interrelated the better patient compliance. (Size: 11″ x 15″)