Diet Prevents Polio

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Author: Benjamin P. Sandler, MD

The effects of low blood sugar on morning behavior and mood is profound. A properly fed person is a healthy person. Learn about the prevalence of low blood sugar, lowered protective barriers and the invasion on the central nervous system.



Written by Benjamin P. Sandler, MD, this book was part of the ‘Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research’ and the purpose of this book is to show how one may fortify the body through diet and thus prevent infection. Normal blood sugar levels are fundamentally dependent on the foods consumed. There is a DIRECT relationship between nutritional deficiencies, susceptibility to infection and maintaining the blood sugar at normal levels. The more sugar and starch you eat, the more likely you will develop low blood sugar. In 1951, Dr. Sandler concluded that epidemics were unknown in countries with low sugar consumption. The greater the sugar consumption the more severe the epidemic. 80 pages


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