Disease is Optional

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This course is a 10-hour program taught by Bessie Jo Tillman, MD, who is the author of the New Natural Healing Cookbook. Dr. Tillman was in family practice for 20 years. She is a disciple of Dr. Melvin Page’s work  and uses the Page Fundamental Food Plan to help with patient support. In this course Dr. Jo Tillman takes you through a primer of food, nutrition and balancing body chemistry.

Dr. Tillman put this series together for a community college course on practical nutrition, introducing people to the reality of how our lifestyle and diet affects our lives. It is designed to aid the patient advocate in their support form digestion to preparing meals. This is not a clinical course as much as a course on good sound nutrition and why it works and why poor nutrition doesn’t work. The course is nicely laid out so that it can be used as a template for patient education or staff education.

9 DVDs and 2 Books.
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