From the Endocardiograph to the ACG

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Dr. Richard Murray the first million-dollar account for Standard Process, used to point out that he got more clinical information from his Endocardiograph and later the ACG then any other clinical tool in his practice. He was a noted authority on clinical nutrition. This three-part videotape series is one of the last seminars presented by Dr. Murray. Known for his animated style of presenting, Dr. Murray, a legend in his own time, shares his many years of experience in nutrition. The information and pearls of wisdom that are imparted overshadow the mediocre quality of this taping.

4 DVDs. CCWFN Students get lifetime online access. (DVDs are optional.)

Includes 3 books: Nutrition For a Healthy Heart by Robert J. Peshek, D.D.S. (#1500), Notes on Cardiac Pathology & Diagnostic Signs by R.L. Chipman, MD (#1401), and Endocardiograph Operation – Interpretations (#1400).



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