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Melvin Page, DDS once stated that our endocrine patterns are predetermined but the proper functioning of the endocrines is dependent upon nutrition. The Page Anthropometrics Measurements system is not a diagnostic test but rather a prediction of glandular function (gynic/andric, thyroid/pancreatic, posterior pituitary/adrenal cortex, anterior pituitary/gonads) and may provide some insight into the type of hormonal tendencies your clients may express if put under stress.


Dr. Melvin Page developed the Page Anthropometric Measurements (aka Page Body Measurements) technique to determine circumferential measurements of the arms and legs at different points that correspond to various endocrine glands. Dr. Page figured out this body measurement system to determine inherited glandular patterns. His perspective was based on the function of the body by supporting the root cause of conditions and his technique was not to treat symptoms but to balance body chemistry by treating the whole person. Good body chemistry is the key which unlocks the door to perfect health.

One of the correlations he made was that white sugar and refined carbohydrates make the posterior pituitary gland function worse. One cannot defy the laws of nature!

NOTE: The tape measure starts at 1 3/4″ to account for the curved portion of the tape housing that is included when taking measurements.


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