Applied Nutrition

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Applied Nutrition covers a period of twenty years, and over 8000 individual cases were studied with the aid of biochemical tests. The findings and conclusions reported are the result of direct studies on human beings – not lab animals. In studying body chemistry and developing a nutritional system directly on human subjects, great care was used not to draw conclusions from a few cases because humans cannot be kept under such strict control as lab animals.

Title of chapters:
I. Basic Functions Underlying Dental Caries

II. What Is Pyorrhea?

III. Immunity to Decay and Its Relationship to Dental Pathology

IV. Adjustment of Body Chemistry by Food Manipulation

V. Observed Chemistry in Dental Pathology

VI. Observed Chemistry as Related to Systemic Symptoms and Ailments

VII. Explanation and Interpretation of Chemical Levels

VIII. Diet Sheet with Classified Food Lists

IX. Food and Its Application to Body Needs

X. Actual Tests for Determination of Chemical Values

During his many years of careful searching, he uncovered many clues which will further aid in understanding and controlling a great variety of degenerative illnesses. The lay person will also benefit from Dr. Hawkins’ book because it is written in lay terms with a great deal of everyday family nutrition.


Dr. Harold F. Hawkins’ research on nutritional biochemistry spanned the course of twenty years studying over eight thousand individual cases. This work was originally published in 1947.  As early as 1930, Dr. Hawkins demonstrated he could better the 99% control of dental decay in a highly decay-proned population by skillfully regulating their chemistries with foods and a few vitamins and supplements. The findings and conclusions reported in his study were from the direct response of human beings. No laboratory animals were used. Applied Nutrition is a book that deals with correcting body chemistry to eliminate dis-ease. 208 pages

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