Dr. Lee on The Selection Of Foods, (Part 2)

Dr. Lee on THE SELECTION OF FOODS through the eyes of John Courtney. (Part 2) Patient Handout: THE-SELECTION-OF-FOODS-Part-2-PDF Download In Part 1 of this article, we talked about how the low fat diet is getting a new boost without truly sharing the whole picture. Could this be what upset Dr. Lee and his friends? People are led to […]

Dr. Lee on The Selection of Foods

Dr. Lee on THE SELECTION OF FOODS through the eyes of John Courtney. (Part 1) Patient Handout: THE-SELECTION-OF-FOODS-Part-1-PDFDownload John Courtney was one of Dr. Lee’s closest friends and confidants, so after this week’s news headlines on low-fat diets, I thought this was the perfect time to look at Dr. Lee’s vision on the foods we […]

Dr. Lee on Function and Depression

We know that Dr. Lee recommended doing both a blood pressure and pulse test on every visit with every patient, especially when using the symptom survey questionnaire. He especially wanted you to do Ragland’s blood pressure test on every patient. (That test is in the white pages of your Clinical Reference Guide.)  Why was he […]

Food Combining with Dr. Page & Dr. Lee

As I spent the last two weeks of 2018 on the index and appendices of Dr. Kaslow’s long-awaited blood chemistry manual, I found myself getting excited about an old concept that is so obvious! This final section on Dr. Page’s Food Combining reaffirms Dr. Lee’s attitude That Food is Therapeutic. Two of our early mentors gave […]

Fasting & Cleansing

Food For Thought 12/04/18.  Every year at this time, I find myself looking forward to the holidays with its family get-togethers, festive spirit and all the things I shouldn’t eat. I was a little horrified, though when I went to Costco three days before Halloween and they were already selling Christmas! The kids hadn’t even […]

Halloween Hangover?

Food For Thought, 11/13/2018 “Sugar and spice and everything nice- that’s what little girls are made of. Snips and Snails and puppy dog tails- that’s what little boys are made of.” What a great poem for Halloween, but it isn’t quite true anymore, as I found out by trying to have a Halloween like I […]

An Honest Loaf, by Dr. Royal Lee – 1956

Food for thought: An Honest Loaf, by Dr. Royal Lee – 1956 Sidebar: In this article, I thought Dr. Lee truly gave us some food for thought with the clamor about gluten sensitivity lately. Today, we find patients that are extremely sensitive to gluten, but as I went through this article it definitely made me […]

Dr. Lee on Food, Disease and Obesity

Food For Thought: 9/6/18. Diabetes: Dr. Lee, 1956 “Diabetes was practically unknown amongst the American Indian 50 years ago and the ordinary inhabitants of countries like rural China and rural India. It only used to occur in their wealthy citizens who live on the Western type of diet.  The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (Joslin), reports […]

Dr. Lee and Dr. Page

Food For Thought 8-2-18. In the new blood chemistry manual Laboratory Interpretations, Desk Reference (due for release in November), Dr. Kaslow dedicates the first 70 pages to calcium metabolism and the calcium phosphorus ratio. Over and over, Dr. Lee emphasized the importance of calcium metabolism and developed a whole range of synergistic products that supported […]

Your Glands and Degenerative Disease

Food For Thought: 6/13/18 Your Glands and Degenerative Disease with Dr. Melvin Page 1956 Dr. Page was known for discovering the calcium phosphorus ratio, but few people know he also developed an endocrine graph which looked at genetic disposition. Putting the information together was part of his success. The graph measured the circumference at different […]

Why Catalyn? Dr. Lee, 1937

  Why Catalyn? Some of you are well aware that my first vitamin concentrate was triggered by a family tragedy when my mother was told she had probably less than three months to live. Her system was so weakened, right after getting the flu in the flu epidemic of 1928-29. I created a vitamin concentrate […]

Dr. Lee on Happiness and Patient Management

Dr. Lee felt that Dr. Melvin Page was one of the most effective practitioners in practice and patient management in the country. Yet from 1950 to 1987, Dr. Page was indicted 6 times for practicing outside his scope of practice. Fortunately, he won all six cases. The last case was won with over 3,600 case […]

Dr. Lee, Endocrinology and Old Age

By John Courtney, BS, I.A.P.M, 1961 Dr. Lee often questioned, do we get old because of the effects of time alone? Is it just because our endocrine system is arranged to operate for a given period of time and like an eight-day clock, “runs down”? This could be illustrated by the fact that a pigeon’s system degenerates in […]