Coronavirus Part 2

Dr. Lee became acutely aware of how important a strong immune system is, as a 23-year-old soldier during World War I. He experienced the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which hit the military of both sides of the ocean, infecting over 50 million people in just over two years, and killing over 500,000. The Spanish flu was a major contributor to the end of World War I in 1918.

When a new strain of the flu epidemic emerged in the 1920s, it struck his mother, almost killing her. Dr. Lee was pushed to make his first whole food concentrate, later called Catalyn, for strengthening her immune system and supporting her overall health. These incidents only reaffirmed Dr. Lee’s belief that good nutrition is the key to health.

Almost 90 years later, in 2008, researchers announced they’d discovered what made the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic so deadly: A group of three genes enabled the virus to weaken a victim’s bronchial tubes and lungs and clear the way for a bacterial pneumonia epidemic.

The word antigen was foreign to most of the population today, until the coronavirus struck the United States in January 2020. Now it has a new meaning – through our DNA testing sequence, trying to find people with an above average antigen count of the coronavirus. This new word for most of the public is being touted as a possible cure. But what about also using diet and lifestyle?

Unfortunately, with all the spectacular news, we still missed Dr. Lee’s basic point and his insight to protecting ourselves through his experience and research. He wanted us to realize our immune system, without the proper antigens (in this case from the coronavirus), has no defense except for its natural strength.

As we see from the history in America, indigenous populations died by the thousands when introduced to the European diseases. Their immune systems were strong, but they had never been exposed to these disease’s antigens. Those who survived seemed to have a natural immunity.

We know the bubonic plague in Europe killed an estimated 50 million people (about 60% of the European population) in some estimates. The interesting thing is people who had a very slight case of the plague and survived had a natural immune response.

This brings us to the theory of vaccination. I don’t want to get into the pros and cons on vaccines. But the theory of strengthening the immune system due to the antigen is proven. The business of vaccines may be another question entirely.

So, it appears that Dr. Lee’s remarks about antigens are correct and agrees with scientific research today. The major difference being that Dr. Lee felt you needed to emphasize the strengthening of the immune system and also realize the importance of the antigens in keeping it healthy.

So let’s test Dr. Lee’s theory about a strong immune system and focus on the things that we know right now about the coronavirus.

  • We know if you are over 50 years old, you have a much greater chance of catching it and dying.
  • We know that if you have diabetes, heart disease or cancer, you have a greater chance of catching it and your percentages of surviving are fairly small.
  • We know if you’re a smoker, you have a greater chance of catching it and possibly dying at any age.
  • We know if you have a history of lung problems, asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory problems, that can hamper your survival rate no matter what your age group.

We have seen from the early stages of this coronavirus pandemic, people that were trapped on a cruise ship and even the Navy seems to have a much greater chance of contracting the virus.

We’ve also seen in New York, where populations are compressed, that the numbers of cases are much greater. That would be an indication that it is an airborne pathogen, but that isn’t the common thread for death.

In the original documentation from China, and later in Italy, everybody was scratching their heads, wondering “why men were getting it in a greater number than women?” Could it be simply that statistically more men smoke and are heavier smokers than women?

In this country, we are scratching our heads and pointing fingers at why certain segments and ethnic groups of the population have a greater number of deaths. Again, would it behoove us to look at what percentage of people in those groups has a compromised immune system?

Using Dr. Lee’s reasoning, it would seem that there are certain common denominators between the number of people exposed to catch the virus and the number of people who expire from it.

They all have compromised their body chemistry in one form or another, so why are we not helping the average person understand this? It just doesn’t make sense.

Let me throw one more thing to think about that Dr. Lee would probably be pointing out. If you are 45 or above, there’s a good chance you find yourself on one or possibly more medications. The top selling blood pressure medication lists over 43 side effects, with a disclaimer at the end warning that there could be more. The top-selling cholesterol medication has approximately the same.

They can create Hyperglycemia, adrenal stress, weak kidneys and calcium metabolism issues. This could indicate that it’s probably upsetting the body’s ability to digest food properly, thus creating sugar handling issues and ultimately creating problems with the liver and gallbladder that then affects the kidneys!

These medications have a slow, degenerating affect from their side effects that we don’t even realize is happening. So is it the virus that is so bad? Or is it bad diet and lifestyle choices that are slowly compromising their immune system? Maybe that’s why people over 50 are dying in greater numbers.

The old adage “money talks and BS walks” just doesn’t hold water anymore. The BS’er now seems to have the money to waltz us down the path! We can see that the emphasis throughout this devastating pandemic is on everything but the root cause of a weakened immune system.

The most important thing that Dr. Lee pointed out to us was: 1) you had to have a strong immune system when you’re dealing with an unknown virus or any virus. 2) You had to be exposed to get the antigens to make your immune system strong enough to resist this virus later. 3) If your immune system is even slightly compromised, you need to be working on building it stronger. Those are simple lessons from Dr. Lee regarding the Spanish flu.

So let us quit looking through rose colored glasses and get real, because the people running the show can’t see the forest for the trees, and they don’t want to. The following is an excerpt from a new book on Dr. Lee’s writings (getting close to release) that I feel are very appropriate for the times.

“Pyrogen” Antibodies 

“Good water” is water that has been filtered through the ground to reach the well or spring and has thereby accumulated a load of antigens. These antigens are otherwise known to science as “pyrogens,” since they cause fever if injected into the blood stream.

More simply, antigens are the residue of disease-producing bacteria, and by drinking them we develop an immunity to the germ or virus that put them into the water. In foreign countries where polio is a relatively nonexistent disease, the blood stream of the children has been found to be loaded with antibodies to polio, which prevented them from contracting the disease.

These children were immunized the natural way, not by a shot of Salk’s vaccine. It is very probable that their diet of unrefined whole natural foods, which supplies the necessary factors to make antibodies, is responsible for their freedom from polio or other similar diseases.

Boiling of Water

Cooking or boiling water destroys the antigenic effect of the pyrogens. So, while boiled water is safe by killing the bacteria and it cannot cause infection, it cannot make the immune system stronger. The real health of a person is built around the need to accumulate their natural quota for immunities against those infectious diseases in their community.

You may begin to see why the most carefully “protected” children may be the least healthy and robust. Again, without proper calcium metabolism, a child’s health will be hampered.

Many dentists routinely prescribe calcium lactate tablets for young patients who show soft chalky teeth. These children are often nervous, restless, and unmanageable; these are all symptoms of the typical calcium-deficient child.

Many of these children are worse in summer, for the vitamin D effect of sunlight acts to raise the blood calcium at the expense of the cell fluids, blocking the normal flow of calcium from the blood to the tissues.

Natural forms of vitamin D, such as cod liver oil, contain vitamin F as well as the D (the F being the essential partner of D) causing the diffusion into the cells of the blood calcium. The vitamin D alone acts to load up the blood stream with calcium, but without vitamin F it can’t go where it needs to go, which can have the above effect of making you nervous, restless and anxious.

You can load the transportation system, but that is no guarantee of the delivery unless some provision exists to unload the commodity at the destination.

Butterfat is a good source of vitamin F for children, but unfortunately most prepared baby foods today have the butterfat removed, creating a vitamin F deficiency. Practically all present day packaged baby foods are of this kind, with little or no thought to the long-range effect to the child. So as you can see, to have proper absorption of fats, proteins and calcium, you need the right cofactors.

In conclusion, Dr. Lee’s reality on the coronavirus would be that first we need to make sure our immune system is strong. Second, we need to catch a little of the coronavirus to make our system a little stronger with antigens. Thirdly, this does not happen by stocking up on processed foods, ice cream and toilet paper, but only by making sure your body is getting the most nutrient dense foods.

A strong immune system starts with calcium balance, reflected in the system getting what it needed, which is plenty of vitamins and minerals derived from whole food. That’s why we recommend the Page Food Plan. Thank You for supporting and sharing this seemingly lost knowledge.

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