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If something is described as providing Food For Thought, it’s worth seriously considering. Dr. Lee made his infamous statement that Food Is Therapeutic, and you might think that statement is so painfully correct that you would assume it couldn’t be questioned.

Think about the simplicity of that statement and how strong his belief was. He even named his nutrition company the Therapeutic Food Company! Yes, that was the original name of Standard Process, until the FDA made him change the name. Why? Because they didn’t believe food was therapeutic.

Dr. Lee and many of his close friends and associates felt that it was an obvious statement- that food had a therapeutic value and it was laughable that it could be questioned. Yet because of that simple statement, they found their lives turned upside down some 70 years ago.

That statement seemed to set off the alarms for powerful special interests in Washington that set out to silence and destroy people’s lives using our own government as a tool. Who benefits from this?

Dr. Lee wrote an article about the importance of calcium metabolism to the immune system, and how a diet of refined carbohydrates could disrupt the body’s normal response. Now, this seems obvious to us as practitioners who have reaffirmed the therapeutic value of whole natural foods.

After all, in 1939 the US Agricultural Department’s yearly journal Food and Life dedicated the whole Journal to how certain vitamin deficiencies have led to disease. (Available at IFNH)

Unfortunately, the fear seemed to be so great that the head of the American Pharmacists Association condemned Dr. Lee as a quack for that simple warning about calcium metabolism and refined carbohydrates. The front page article of a prominent Chicago Newspaper was later retracted, and an apology was issued on the back page, weeks later. But now the man’s was credibility is question.

Those same special interests seem to still fear Dr. Lee’s statement even today. We still see Dr. Lee’s name being slandered on quack watch by the same questionable people. Dr. Barnett, who started quack watch, in my opinion is the true charlatan. He never passed his medical boards, never saw a patient, and represents himself as an expert witness.

This is the true irony against those of us who believe in the therapeutic use of food. The question is: who sponsors sites like quack watch and people like Barnett?

Anyone who has studied clinical nutrition today would find Dr. Lee’s statements absolutely appropriate. For the practitioner using nutrition, to ignore the impact of calcium metabolism on our immune system would be unthinkable. To think that the foods you eat wouldn’t have a bearing on the body’s response and your health is impossible to comprehend.

As practitioners, Dr. Lee’s writings give us profound insight on this subject and use of nutrition in a clinical practice. His knowledge embraces the foundations of biochemistry and physiology. Those principles can change a practice from the disease model of the pharmaceutical companies to a model of health and prevention. Is that what they’re afraid of?

This is why Dr. Kaslow and IFNH devoted over 70 pages to calcium metabolism in the first chapter of the Laboratory Interpretation Desk Reference manual. Dr. Kaslow brings together the concepts and research of Drs. Lee, Page and Revici, who recognized and reconfirmed the importance of calcium metabolism and its relationship to understanding function and the immune system.

Now I want you to think about these clinical pearls from Dr. Lee’s writings on the clinical use of whole food nutrition in the Product Bulletin over 70 years ago. As those pioneers pointed out, it isn’t always calcium that’s required for assimilation and absorption, but the proper cofactors:


Possible Etiological Background:

  • Possible phosphorus deficiency can relate to calcium carbonate deposits and viscosity of synovial fluids.
  • Related to transportation of fat and its deposition, also, neurological integrity in which lecithin may participate as nerve factor.
  • Lecithin compliments the action with bile by its emulsifying properties, as well as promoting nerve integrity for establishment of neurological control. This association with the circulatory mechanisms is probably impaired by cholesterol deposition in the areas governing blood supply to brain.
  • Lecithin contains phosphorus and choline, lipotrophic factors related to thyroid function, both of which may be deficient in the hypothyroid case, usually attended with secondary liver dysfunction and anemia–low blood protein as well.

Note: We know calcium metabolism requires good digestion and bile function. We also know that Dr. Page’s calcium phosphorus ratio shows us the body’s more immediate response.



Symptoms referable to deviations in calcium metabolism, such as:

  1. Pain of arthritis, stiff joints and sore muscles.
  2. Prostate disease (Nocturia, dribbling, leg and back pains, painful coitus, etc).
  3. Gonads (male hormone) (Male climacteric, loss of libido, aging processes)

Possible Etiological Background:

Loss of sex hormone activity at the climacteric and inability of the thyroid (and adrenals) to compensate in respect to calcium metabolism is a frequent cause of disturbance in calcium metabolism and may be a source of considerable discomfort for both sexes. 

The prostate gland is a rich source of phosphatase, an enzyme which metabolizes calcium.  Phosphatase, otherwise, is found in highest amounts in growing bone tissue.  All of which points to the likelihood of deficiency of this factor as we age.

Why don’t our patients understand that we will usually only produce 15% of the hydrochloric acid needed to break down our foods and help calcium metabolism by the time we turn 65 on the Standard American Diet?

Symptom Characteristics:

Pain, particularly the transient variety we find frequently related to disturbances in calcium metabolism for which Prostex has proved clinically effective in some cases. 

Note: We frequently find cases where calcium administration not only fails to relieve obvious calcium deficiency symptoms, but actually seems to aggravate them.  This most often occurs in the patient with a sex hormone problem, particularly prominent in the climacteric, and calls for the calcium metabolizers of which Prostex may be important in either sex, judging results by clinical response.


Possible Etiological Background:

Pages 534 to 556 in Practical Endocrinology by Harrower, give a comprehensive review of ovarian dysfunction.  The clinical picture described in these pages is too long to repeat in detail here, but the possibilities covered may be listed briefly as follows:

Amenorrhea                         Frigidity                                  Metrorrhagia

Delayed Puberty                  Infantilism                              Ovarian Irritability

Dysmenorrhea                     Menopause                             Ovarian Poisoning

Dysovarism                         Menorrhagia                           Premature Senility

Symptom Characteristics:

Aside from the classically recognized possibilities of ovarian dysfunction, we have observed the most common characteristic to be deviations of calcium metabolism, and of being a particular variety apparently concerned with intercellular calcium metabolism in which blood calcium levels may or may not be disturbed. 

In these cases, calcium administration may either prove disappointing or produce an immediate positive response dependent on the calcium phosphorus ratio.  Ovatrophin, as well as Ovex, is indicated.

Note: Dr. Harrower’s research, in his book Practical Endocrinology, showed us the response of the endocrine glands and their relationship. We can start to see how calcium metabolism works. Calcium metabolism is not a matter of just taking a pill, but understanding the relationship of the cofactors.

In the next Food For Thought article, we will look at minerals and the micro minerals and how important they are for balancing the biochemistry of the body systems.

This information and other writings is all part of Dr. Lee’s legacy, that has been incorporated by IFNH in the New Mastering Nutrition with Symptom Survey Manual, scheduled for release in the end of April 2020. IFNH has expanded the information in this manual to help support practitioners in understanding the basic concept of how and why whole foods work.

Understand Dr. Lee’s thoughts on formulations of his many products, like Diaplex, Paraplex, etc., plus, why you would use AF Betafood with the same patient. That’s what will set you apart as a practitioner and help your patients understand calcium metabolism.

Understand Dr. Lee’s genius in blending whole foods with glandulars (protomorphogens and cytosol extracts). The protomorphogens and cytosol extracts were Dr. Lee’s contribution to the disgraceful costs of live cell therapy or stem cell therapy of today.

For their own gain, those special interests started the confusion about the therapeutic use of real whole foods upon our physiological function and biochemistry 70 years ago. The fear and egos of those more interested in promoting themselves continues today in the systematic destruction of the principals of whole food nutrition, and its teachings.

Don’t be fooled by imitations of IFNH material… The only thing IFNH sells is information and education. We have been teaching practitioners the concepts of whole food nutrition and building a successful practice since 1994.

IFNH was given the responsibility of carrying the legacy of the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research and keeping the philosophy and research of Dr. Lee and the other pioneers alive. We do this as an independent nonprofit educational foundation that receives all its support from you the practitioners. Not like others who are quietly supported through corporate interests of their salesforce.

So Join Us and Enroll in the CCWFN program, starting on January 16, for Module 1: Digestion!!

Remember Dr. Lee’s battle cry “Food is Therapeutic”!!!

“One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedence of chemical therapy over nutrition. It’s a substitution of artificial therapy over nature, of poisons over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation.” — Dr. Royal Lee, 1951

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  1. Keith Wrightington

    Fantastic insights. This info is so valuable. Thank you for sharing.

    1. IFNH

      Thank you for your support, Keith!

  2. Jamie L Williams

    I am glad the foundation is continuing to support whole food nutrition as Dr. Lee supported. Thank you for this wealth of information regarding calcium metabolism and the supporting library of materials. Practitioners who are forward-looking will find your articles essential as part of their practice. I believe soon will be gone the days of OTC or medication to heal our ills. Following the new book release will keep us all ahead of the curve. Prevention through whole food nutrition from this vast earth is empowering on many levels and truly is the key to solid health through our lives. Thank you for keeping Dr. Lee’s spirit alive.

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