Conversations in Nutrition

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Author: Royal Lee, DDS


These transcriptions of Dr. Lee’s taping of his “Fireside Chats” provide insight into the man himself. It records Dr. Lee’s response to a wide range of questions on nutrition. There is a very informative introduction as well as discussion about each of the “early” Standard Process products.

Contents include:

  • The origin of Catalyn
  • The Healing Profession
  • Acidosis and Nutrition
  • Informal Discussion on Health
  • Food Integrity
  • Enzymes: A Functioning Mechanism
  • The Importance of Food Enzymes in Promoting Mineral Assimilation
  • Synthetic Fats
  • Cardiovascular Disease Today
  • Endocardiography in Conjunction with Nutritional Heart Therapy
  • Vitamin Supplements

A valuable addition to your Dr. Royal Lee library.

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