Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins

NATURAL vs. SYNTHETIC VITAMINS The advertising boys blast out the “slogan” that ‘THE BODY DOES NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE” between a synthetic vitamin and the real thing, I sometimes wonder why these guys don’t get sued for practicing medicine without a brain!! Common sense should tell you that when you take a “fraction” of something […]

Metabolic Typing

What is “Metabolic Typing”? Introduction Think of your body as being like a large, multi-national corporation that has thousands of employees, numerous departments, a multitude of communication requirements, complex production schedules, multi-dimensional supply channels, etc., yet the innumerable activities of the corporation all fall under the direction and control of only a handful of executives. […]

Acid Alkaline Balance

Acid-Alkaline Balance Emanuel Revici Harold F. Hawkins Acid-Alkaline Balance and Your Health by Virginia Worthington, ScD Many healers are concerned with the level of acidity or alkalinity of the body, from orthodox medical doctors to alternative practitioners like cancer doctor Emanuel Revici, controversial test developer Dr. Carey Reams or the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce. [private]When […]