Mosquitos & Immune Deficiency with Dr. Royal Lee

In a time of the Internet and fake news, let’s look at Dr. Lee and his statement in 1950 that the media took as fake news: “In recent tests, mosquitoes refused to bite people who were well supplied with vitamin B1. Therefore, it could be inferred that malnutrition now is to be considered a basic cause of malaria.”

Websites like have had a field day with some of Dr. Lee’s statements, calling him and most of the other pioneers in nutrition “quacks.” But let’s look a little deeper into what Dr. Lee’s actual statement was trying to show us, and how the message can get misdirected by those of lesser character.


The Mosquito and Immune Deficiency, by Dr. Royal Lee, 1950.

Dr. Lee and Mosquito Bites:

“In recent tests, mosquitoes refused to bite people who were well supplied with vitamin B1. Therefore, it could be inferred that malnutrition now is to be considered a basic cause of malaria.  Also, it has been found that lice leave rats and other animals if they are supplied with a better vitamin intake. Fleas were found to leave dogs that were being treated with vitamins for pneumonia.”

A Pandora’s Box

“If insect bites and parasites, as well as bacterial invasion, can be mainly a consequence of malnutrition, by a loss of power of the body to fight off these instruments of degeneration and possible death, what a Pandora’s Box we have opened when we started meddling with our natural food supply! Sleeping sickness, typhus, malaria, bubonic plague, and yellow fever are in that class of disease in which the bacterial infection is likely the secondary cause of disease. The primary cause is a lowered resistance of the human immune system. It’s the body’s inability to repel those lice, fleas, or mosquitoes that carry the infectious organisms, as well as lowering our resistance, so we now attract those organisms.

If this resistance depends upon a high vitamin diet, it is obvious that outbreaks of the above list of fearful diseases are made more possible by a poor diet, causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, creating malnutrition.”

Definition Of Malnutrition

“Malnutrition is the condition that develops when the body does not get the right amount of the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients it needs to maintain healthy tissues and organ function.”

IFNH Commentary by John Brady, Director.

I would hope we all are aware of the flaw in Pasteur’s germ theory, about how all diseases are the result of those pesky germs flying around, looking for an orifice to enter the body to attack us when we least expect it. When I was lecturing, I had great fun showing a slide of President Ronald Reagan’s colon and where his cancer was located. Then dramatically asking the audience, if the germ theory was correct, from which orifice did that pesky cancer germ enter?

The reality of Dr. Lee’s statement is so profound, that it’s lost in its simplicity of today’s high-tech world. If you eat foods that upset your digestion, blocking proper absorption of the nutrients and minerals your body needs to keep the glands and organs balanced to function properly, you’re forcing your liver to become toxic. Degenerative disease of all types thrives on toxicity. So how can you expect your immune system to work like it should and protect you if you’re toxic?

Dr. Lee emphasizes over and over again, that when you interfere with calcium metabolism (which is essential for a strong immune system) by eating refined carbohydrates, white sugar and foods that are high in starch, you’re going to have weakened immune issues and be more susceptible to sickness of every kind.

The major difference of what we are saying is: We are looking at health and prevention, where the common paradigm today looks at only pathology and disease. If you look at the way Dr. Lee created his formulas, you will start to understand what was happening. Since we’re talking about the immune system, let’s look at Immuplex with:

  • Raw bone meal protomorphogen to help with calcium metabolism,
  • Raw thymus gland protomorphogen to strengthen the immune response,
  • Raw liver protomorphogen to help alleviate toxic stress on the liver.
  • It also has raw spleen protomorphogen; raw spleen gland that acts as a filter for red blood cell platelets. White blood cells are recycled and stored in the spleen.

Wow, aren’t you happy that’s all in one capsule?! But all kidding aside, you can see how Dr. Lee was interested in supporting the immune system through the support of glandular function. Yet we’re repetitively told through pharmaceutical ads that those side effects affecting digestion, liver and biliary functions are really unimportant? Without those basic body functions operating in unison, we cannot absorb the minerals and vitamins our body needs. So, why not make sure the patient understands why they want to use the Page Food Plan and how a good diet and lifestyle supports them.

I know Stephen Barnett (the author of quackwatch) frowns on this approach, but what can we expect better from him – a self-proclaimed expert witness on nutrition science and medicine, who has yet to practice one day of medicine in these fields? He prefers to sit on the sidelines making degrading statements about those that are actually practicing, for his own benefit.

He is an unlicensed psychiatrist, who failed his psychiatric boards and has been criticized for his lack of expertise by several courts. In a Canadian lawsuit against Barrett the court found the following: “The sole purpose of the activities of Barrett & Baratz are to discredit and cause damage and harm to healthcare practitioners, businesses that make alternative health therapies or products available, and advocates of non-allopathic therapies and health freedom.”


10 thoughts on “Mosquitos & Immune Deficiency with Dr. Royal Lee

  1. Nancy Brokaw, MS NC

    It’s interesting, since I have been using Immuplex in all my clients with pathogens of any kind, and in men who had prostate problems, and those problems resolve more quickly. Calcium absorption is a critical part of the treatment, and the raw bone meal in Immuplex is a contributing factor. Also Congaplex. Those two supplements alone are invaluable in treating almost all pathogens. Catalyn is the go-to in building the immune system as well.
    As a side note, I always give one Immuplex (along with Magnesium Lactate) to those who are taking Calcium Lactate. It helps to quickly heal poison ivy, mosquito bites and spider bites quickly. This is because the level of blood cacium determines how one reacts to the above.
    Dr. Lee had some phenomenal insights! He has done an incredible service to people of all walks and for many generations! Thank God for men like him.
    N Brokaw

    1. IFNH

      Thank you for sharing your experience Nancy! I will share your comments with John. ~ IFNH Staff.

  2. Nancy Taylor, DC

    😂😂😂😂😂 So Barrett isn’t even a doctor, I never knew that. I met Dr. Renfield in KC at one of our CCC assemblies (another self proclaimed quack buster.) He convinced a lot of chiropractic students not to do muscle testing. Like either of those guys have a clue.
    We know who is the real quack quack !

    1. IFNH

      Thank you for your comment Nancy!

  3. Dr. Richard Betts

    Whoever wrote this article needs to include their name as the author either at the beginning or the end of the article as I would like to thank that person for a well written explanation. I would further like to ask for permission to print out the article and have in my waiting area for patients to pick up and read.

    1. IFNH

      Hi Dr. Betts. Thank you for your comment. I have added our Director’s name to the IFNH Commentary portion of the article. Yes, you can absolutely print the article. In fact, we can send you a pdf you can print out. I will email it to you. ~ IFNH Staff.

    1. IFNH

      You’re welcome Dr. Bender! Thank you for your support. ~IFNH Staff

  4. Garrett Roy

    Very well said. I would love more articles like this for my reception area.

    1. IFNH

      Thank you Dr. Roy! I will add you to our email list so you will receive all our blog updates and special offers.

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