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  • Empty Harvest

    • Retail: $14.95

    Mark Anderson, with the support of Dr. Bernard Jensen, shows how interconnected man is to the Earth, especially the link among our food, our immunity, and our planet. While looking at the better known man-made disasters such as the “greenhouse effect”, the indiscriminate use of toxic pesticides, and the destruction of the world’s forests, this book clearly focuses on the existing dangers inherent in our agricultural system: demineralization of our soil, the declining nutritional values of our food supply, the resulting weakening of our bodies’ immune systems, and much more. Finally, this book offers a wide range of practical solutions that are still available to man, and can mend nature’s broken state if applied in time.

  • The Real Truth about Vitamins & Anti-Oxidants

    • Retail: $16.95

    An excellent report relating how most supplements are actually harmful to health. A comparison between pharmaceutical or manufactured supplements, food and food concentrates is given which shows that to be productively utilized, nutrients must be available for the body to use. Judith DeCava presents, without bias, the established facts known about vitamins and antioxidants, and draws on the wealth of observations and findings left by Dr. Royal Lee from 1923 to 1967. It confirms that food and food concentrates are your “best medicine.”

  • Good Foods, Bad Foods

    • Retail: $12.95

    Most patients have a hard time understanding what real nourishment is and how it affects their health. Judy DeCava does an excellent job of showing us the path between the synthetic fractionated vitamins found at your local drugstore and the therapeutic value of whole vital foods. The old statement “we are what we eat” has proven itself a reality with the staggering statistics of the deteriorating health in this nation. This is an outstanding patient support tool or for those practitioners who just want well documented information. The sections, “Food for Thought” at the end of each chapter should be  required reading.

  • Health vs. Disease

    • Retail: $16.95

    Written by Melvin E. Page, DDS and H. Leon Abrams, Jr., this is a clear presentation of the variables affecting health. Although an older manuscript, it still provides a thorough background of the basics of body chemistry. Almost all of the information provided is still applicable and practical. Like many classic works, it stands out despite the passage of time and further knowledge gained with modern research.