Live with Dr. Melvin Page

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Author: American Academy of Nutrition


IFNH is excited to offer this CD series of Dr. Melvin Page live at the American Academy of Applied Nutrition Conference.  To our knowledge, this is the only live recording still in existence of Dr. Page. I discovered this lecture series in 1994, when a delightful letter from an old practitioner showed up at our door step, including a box of nine audio tapes. Unfortunately, as we transferred them into a digital format, the tapes literally started to disintegrate.  After several attempts of cleaning up the recordings with the newest software, we threw up our hands until just this year.  Parts of the taping of this series are marginal, but the quality of the information I hope more than makes up for it.

Dr. Royal Lee felt Melvin Page was a leader in his insights to the working of the endocrine system. Dr. Page used his anthropological measurements to give him clues into a patient’s genetic predisposition. Over the years, many practitioners have questioned whether Dr. Page was aware of more recent research in endocrinology or genetic disposition concerning diet.  As you listen to this series, you will realize that Dr. Page (like Dr. Lee) was far ahead of us. I have no idea how these pioneers had the insights that they expressed, but I can’t help but wonder why we spend so much time trying to reinvent the wheel. This CD series is full of practical pearls, and gives a deeper understanding to Dr. Melvin Page’s work.

9 CDs.


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