Dr. Harrower’s Relationship of the Endocrine Glands chart – smaller

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“If assimilation of food, which is controlled by the endocrines, is not efficient, the digestive system may contain the necessary ingredients of good nutrition, yet the bloodstream, which supplies these ingredients to the tissues, may be deficient in them.”  Dr. Melvin Page



The purpose of biochemical blood chemistry is to assess the body chemically from a physiologic perspective rather than a pathological perspective. What you eat feeds the endocrine organs and the endocrine system assimilates the nutrition received. Infection alters blood conditions, foods alter blood factors, and improper food utilization disturbs blood equilibrium therefore ALL chemical processes are interdependent. Dr. Melvin Page stated that in cases of deep seated or long continued deficiencies glandular secretions are of assistance in speeding up the return of endocrine function and efficient assimilation. With the return of good body chemistry comes good health. This is an excellent chart for the waiting room. (Size: 17″ wide x 11″ tall)


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