Dr. Lee on The Selection Of Foods, (Part 2)

Dr. Lee on THE SELECTION OF FOODS through the eyes of John Courtney. (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article, we talked about how the low fat diet is getting a new boost without truly sharing the whole picture. Could this be what upset Dr. Lee and his friends? 

People are led to believe that women with breast cancer could increase their chances of a long life on a low-fat diet, with these headline grabbing news releases on the networks. We all know how the food industry has been twisting the truth.

The quote goes on to say 
“after a 20-year study that followed 48,835 post-menopausal women who did not have breast cancer when they enrolled, the findings of this large, long-term study could have life-changing results for millions of women”. 

What they failed to say was they followed one group eating the basic American diet and the other group who followed a diet of low carbs and green leafy vegetables with little to no processed foods like bad fats or oils. That’s the low-fat diet!

What happened to the group that followed a diet, almost identical to the Page Food Plan that we recommend? They had a 21% lower risk of death from breast cancer, and a 15% lower risk of death from degenerative disease in general. 

This extensive study makes one wonder why diet and lifestyle is so seldom embraced when talking about degenerative disease. This should make one realize how important a diet with those green leafy vegetables, good fats and oils is to maintaining health. 

The following article was written by John Courtney after working with Dr. Lee for over 30 years.

John Courtney 1968 

The food we eat needs to be looked at in its whole as a total complex, not as part of a whole. An early research experiment by Dr. Agnes Faye Morgan at the University of California on bleached flour, found that dogs fed fresh, stone-ground whole grain bread kept living and maintained a good standard of health. In the same experiment, all the dogs on a diet of bleached white flour bread became sickly, and some started to die within 60 days. 

I can’t help but wonder if this research didn’t stimulate Dr. Lee to create a Lee Flour Mill?

Worst of all, in his study, commercial whole wheat flour bread was just as deadly for the animals as white bread. This became obvious because of two reasons. First, in commercial whole wheat flour, certain amounts of oils are left, which become rancid. Those naturally healthy oils, when left to turn rancid they interfere with normal body metabolism. Our body can’t use the oil.

Another contributing factor with commercial whole wheat flour is that it’s necessary to add two-to-three times as much bleached white flour to the whole wheat flour to keep away the bugs. This is due to the fact that natural whole wheat flour still has nutritional value that attracts those critters before those good oils turn rancid. 

The second more serious consideration should be that the bleaching of flour can be very dangerous to your health, forming alloxan in the human body system. Alloxan is known to destroy the beta cells of the pancreas, and it is in the beta-cells that insulin is produced from. This can lead to the condition referred to as “alloxan diabetes”. 

We can conclude then, that the only bread to consume is bread that is baked with fresh, stone-ground whole grains. Additionally, these stone-ground whole grains supply fiber to the diet, which we have learned is very beneficial to balancing our intestinal tract. Even diabetics, who were formerly put on a strict non sugar, non starch diet, are now thriving according to reports, while eating this complex carbohydrate. 

Do you think this could be because the fresh stone-ground wheat helps control blood sugar levels with its natural oils, and the green leafy vegetables with a low glycemic count don’t shock the pancreas, helping proper metabolism? So let’s look at how some healthy oils work.

Now most of us as youngsters found ourselves trapped in a corner with our mother or grandmother holding our nose and shoving a spoonful of cod liver oil down our throat, all the while telling us how good it is for us. 

Later my mother switched to one week giving me wheat germ oil because they said it was good for the heart and the next week giving me cod liver oil. I knew both smelled bad, stuck to the roof of my mouth and didn’t taste good. So how could this be good for you?

Our body needs oil. Without the proper oils, we have dry skin, cracked heels, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. Our children need good oils to grow and have proper brain function; women need it for proper endocrine balance going through menopause. 

The real problem with oils is they should be Cold Processed, not heated or rancid and especially not processed with hydrogen. The problem for the food processors is that those good oils can’t sit on the shelf. They will change its structure so it can’t turn rancid or go bad, making it useless for human consumption.

Wheat germ oil is excellent oil. It contains the vitamin E of the wheat berry. The real problem with wheat is the wheat berry is broken down with big steel rollers in the mills today during the milling process. Then the germ and the bran are separated from the carbohydrate and the carbohydrate is pulverized, bleached and sold as white flour. 

The germ carries the oil, which carries the vitamin E. The bran carries the vitamin B factors, these are usually sold as animal feed. So the pigs get the wheat germ with the vitamin E, the cows get the bran with the vitamin B, and we humans are sold the bleached, starched waste product that does nothing for us. 

This is just like eating cardboard and expecting some how to get nutritional value. That’s the real trouble with refined white flour. 
This is where the wheat germ oil helps people who need vitamin E. 

The original research on rapid heartbeat was done with the whole wheat germ oil – not the pharmaceutical’s synthesized, processed form of vitamin E. Wheat germ oil is the best source of vitamin E in a balanced form. It is not only the tocopherols, but the whole natural vitamin E complex. 

What does wheat germ oil support? Certain heart conditions, anything related to hormones, it helps protect against spontaneous abortion, and supports sex gland issues, anything related to muscular problems and cramps.

It depends on what you mean by “muscle cramps.” A real cramp or Charlie horse is probably due to a tissue calcium issue. This requires enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach and good gallbladder function from the liver to help calcium be properly absorbed. I know, since the 1930s the manufacturer of Tums has been telling us otherwise, that by neutralizing the acid in your stomach you’re getting calcium all in one pill, but that’s just not true.

Some of the symptoms that often accompany cramps for young people, such as so-called “growing pains,” could be due to a vitamin E deficiency. Vitamin E can also be helpful for people with flat feet or weak ligaments because these people are vitamin E deficient, and probably eat too many processed foods which can block the absorption of natural oils.

There are other factors that can tie in, but generally speaking, this is where we draw the line. The base problem is overconsumption of the foods that affect our body’s metabolism negatively. It becomes quite apparent, when you look at the rapid growth of degenerative disease over the last 60 years.
So let’s examine one more dark cloud on the horizon that presents a problem to our health and our food supply. The commercial farming techniques that rob our vegetables of their proper vitamins and minerals start with covering them with synthetic chemical fertilizers. 

This depletes the soil of their natural minerals, driving up the saline count in the soil, making it impossible for healthy vegetables. Now those same vegetables do not have the ability to draw the minerals from the ground and the energy from the sun, to offer us their natural vitamins and minerals that we need so badly stay healthy. 

A recent study at a major university showed a tomato growing on healthy soil had between 125 to 250 mg of vitamin C. The same seed stock growing on soil using synthetic fertilizers had between 25 to 5 mg of vitamin C. This is not to say they still are not a source of nutrients, but be aware these commercially grown vegetables often are sprayed with other toxic materials as well. 

This toxic residue is often found in the vegetables themselves due to these commercial farming techniques. Thus you can see how important it is to have the proper soil to grow our vegetables in, and have a diet free from these foods that have been treated with toxic chemicals and depleted of their nutrients.

This brings us to a brighter subject, the topic of vegetable juicing for nutrition and detoxifying. Vegetable juicing using carrot, celery, romaine lettuce, cabbage, and even raw potatoes has been used to support the sick for centuries. 

This power of juicing vegetables is reflected in a 1949 study when Dr. Garnet Cheney, M.D., used raw cabbage juice with patients that had peptic ulcers, the result was a total healing of the ulcer over two- to three weeks.

And the FDA has the nerve to try to tell us food is not therapeutic?

So you can see juicing can be a wonderful aid in supplying increased vitamins and minerals into the body. This allows the body to absorb those critical vitamins and minerals with a minimum amount of energy being required. This juicing technique is especially useful to access the vitamins and minerals that are so difficult to obtain from other sources. 

The juice from a pound of carrots, for example, contains most of the food values of the carrots and it is far more palatable or easily swallowed than an equal quantity of raw vegetables. Even though the fiber in the vegetables is very valuable, we cannot conceive of eating a pound of raw carrots, whereas to drink the juice from a pound of raw carrots can be very enjoyable.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to fruit juices; they are not a valuable source of minerals and vitamins as vegetable juice is. Moreover, fruits containing fructose, and even concentrated quantities of natural sugar should be avoided when juicing. 

We might mention citrus juices as an example. This industry is a major promoter to get everyone drinking their orange juice in the morning. We feel this is presenting a problem for future generations who create the habit of over consuming sugars early in life and develop an addiction to sweets. 

Citric acid has the unusual characteristic of being acid as it appears in the food. When it is ingested and oxidized in the system, it has an alkaline ash, that is, the citric acid changes to bicarbonate, which has an alkaline effect on the body. Thereby, a person who has an acid deficiency (be it of chlorides or phosphates) may find their consumption of orange juice in quantity very aggravating to their system. 

For example, a person with arthritis, bursitis and other similar diseases that are associated with alkalosis cannot tolerate citrus fruit juice for this very reason. It can make them more alkaline and they are already deficient in the acid ash minerals. Thus citrus juice taken in excessive amounts can create a new series of aches and pains. 

In reflection on some of these points, our attention is certainly drawn to the fact that foods should be eaten in raw form when it is possible and not overcooked when cooking is necessary. Foods that are high in carbohydrates should not be combined with proteins, like red meat and potatoes, a favorite American dish. 

Remember, when potatoes are cooked, they turn the starches into sugar which hampers proper protein and fat metabolism. Dr. Melvin Page, using the calcium phosphorus ratio with his Fundamental Food Plan, also developed a Food Combining Chart that can be very helpful as a patient handout. 

The Page Fundamental Food Plan offers a list of foods necessary to supply minerals and vitamins in proper balance. These foods will certainly supply a sufficient energy source and includes some carbohydrates, since all foods contain some level of carbohydrates. 

I know for some all this becomes slightly confusing, but don’t be duped. Do your own research and educate yourself. The white flour mills and sugar industry have made frantic efforts to sidetrack the growing consciousness on the part of the public that white flour and sugar are bad for your health.

They’ve spent vast sums of money on their campaigns to fool the public. The makers of processed foods using sugar, corn syrup and white flour have ingratiated themselves with the medical and dental associations by donating and spending large sums advertising in medical journals to get favorable reviews. 

Now they have been quietly courting our political organizations with favors and money to the point where it’s hard for the public to know what is real. The foods we eat should be complete foods containing fats, proteins, complex carbohydrates and minerals. 

At the same time, we should try to avoid highly processed foods which, even though they are convenient and may taste good, will not sustain a healthy body and prevent disease.

This reality is what Dr. Lee and many of his friends were persecuted about. Dr. Lee showed and documented (using the endocardiograph) the effects of sugar on basic metabolism. Dr. Page, using blood chemistry panels of over 3600 patients with the calcium phosphorus ratio proved the same thing.

In nature as well as the human body, it starts with understanding the basis of life is healthy soil and good water, full of minerals. That is what led Dr. Lee to Wisconsin’s kettle Moraine Valley to establish his farms for the production of whole food concentrates, food in a concentrated form. Dr. Lee knew that without this soil, rich and loaded with nutrients, an aquifer full of minerals and rich water, you can’t grow healthy foods. It’s as simple as that.

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