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We believe that health starts from the ground up.

Decades of research tell us that there is a link between people’s health and their lifestyle and diet. Therefore, it is our belief that the research on nutrition done prior to the mid-1940s with whole, natural foods is the foundation of human health. Whereas, the research on nutrition after WWII was influenced by the pharmaceutical companies, using synthesized chemical by-products instead of whole foods. In our opinion, this research does not support human health. The answers to many of our health needs are well stated and documented in the earlier research that emphasized the therapeutic value of whole natural foods. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Dr. Lee and other nutritional pioneers dedicated their lives to his belief “Whole natural foods are therapeutic.”


Nutritec Software

For the past 16 years, Nutritec has been the leader in clinical nutrition software. Nutritec is not just a symptom survey software program; it was designed as a clinical program, from day one. Nutritec is designed to help the practitioner support his patients and increase compliance while learning the basics of foundational nutrition. Nutritec supports the practitioner’s clinical needs from the Nutritional Exam to Common Symptoms, as well as many other clinical functions.