Nutritional Factors Involved in Prevention – Dr. Melvin Page

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Nutritional Factors Involved in Prevention with Dr. Melvin Page. Author: American Academy of Nutrition


Dr. Melvin Page live at the American Academy of Applied Nutrition Conference! Dr. Page used his anthropological measurements to give him
clues into a client’s genetic predisposition. This Nutritional Factors Involved in Prevention series is full of practical pearls and gives a deeper understanding of Dr. Melvin Page’s work.

This course includes nearly 7 hours spread over 20 audio tracks as you learn how the physical balance of body chemistry is impacted by diet and lifestyle. Page Anthropological Graphs – a system to determine inherited glandular patterns through a system of body measurements – show the client’s genetic disposition and that connection to degenerative conditions. Dr. Page found that graph depictions of various glandular patterns amazingly corresponded with certain dis-eases, characteristics and other health problems.

The Page Anthropological Graphs give the practitioner the proper systemic view of body chemistry.

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