6th Annual Foundational Nutrition Conference

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Authors: Stuart White, Holly Carling, Jonathan Wright, & James Murphy



The 6th IFNH conference spotlights a great lineup of speakers: Stuart white, DC, Holly Carling LAc OMD, Jim Murphy, DO and Jonathan Wright, MD.

Dr. Stuart White helps practitioners understand how important it is to motivate your patience and shares some of the tools he uses to be one of the top nutrition practices in the country. Dr. Holly Carling looks at female hormonal problems. Dr. Jim Murphy gives insights on the use of whole foods and their synergistic homeopathic effect. Dr. Jonathan Wright looks at syndrome X and gives a lively presentation and discussion on nutrition versus allopathic medicine. Through the lineup of speakers one quickly realizes that the topics and quality of the course are designed to build a greater understanding of those foundational issues and their root causes. This conference is full of clinical pearls to take home and apply in your practice the following week. The subject matter ranges from a deep dissertation on clinical nutrition to a lighter motivational touch on practice building and patient management.


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