Dr. Emanuel Revici

Dr. Revici was a physician who successfully worked with patients in a wide range of infectious and degenerative disease with an amazing success rate. Much like Melvin Page and Harold Hawkins, Dr. Revici (who died at the age of 101 in 1998) worked with function and balancing body chemistry, looking predominantly at pH and mineral balance. Dr. Revici found himself branded as a quack from 1946 to 1990 and now, as so often is the case, much of his research and findings are widely accepted.

The focus of his work was on biochemical research, specializing in the relationship between lipids and normal and abnormal cellular metabolism. Unlike many of the pioneers of his time much of his early studies took place at academic institutions and hospital laboratories instead of a private practice setting, examining and observing patients.

Dr. Revici received his doctorate in medicine and surgery from the University of Bucharest (Romania) in 1920. During World War II his clandestine service with the French resistance afforded him refuge from Hitler’s reign. Eventually he settled in Mexico City in 1941, where he established and directed a FREE clinic for cancer patients.

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