Mission Statement

The International Foundation of Nutritional and Health embraces the philosophy and laws of nature advocated by such nutritional pioneers as Drs. Royal Lee, Melvin Page, Francis Pottenger, and Weston Price.

Our mission is to make available to the healthcare practitioners the educational materials presented by those pioneers and that of the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research as well as other notable nutritional researchers in the field of whole food nutrition.

The Foundations mission is to help today’s practitioner utilize this scientific research through their quest to educate their patients on the therapeutic value of whole natural foods.

The Foundation strives to educate the lay public through the practitioner the principles and benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet through their awareness of the use of whole natural food.

The Foundation endeavors to create a forum for the free exchange of knowledge and research that perpetuate the philosophies and research of Dr. Lee and The Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research.

The Foundation vows to continue the struggle of those nutritional pioneers to bring greater awareness to the lay public through the practitioner of the benefits of the therapeutic use of whole food nutrition.