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Get the best reading material to recommend to your doctors about Dr. Lee’s legacy!

IFNH is offering these 3 books by Dr. Lee FREE to all SP Reps, with a $35 General Membership* plus $14 shipping for a total of only $49! 

These 3 books are key for any practitioner who wants to educate themselves about Dr. Lee’s legacy.

Mastering Nutrition with Blood Chemistry – Quick Reference – Item #2801, Regular Price: $29.95

This quick reference manual is an integrative approach to blood chemistry and clinical nutrition using the works of Drs. Melvin Page and Emanuel Revici. This manual is layed out with easy to find lab values, support and nutrition notes. The input for this manual is due in large part to the cooperative effort of Jeremy Kaslow MD, Leo Roy MD ND & Robert Peshek DDS. (104 pages)

The Product Bulletins – Royal Lee, DDS – Item #1542, Regular Price: $36.95

Dr. Lee’s original guideline and recommendations for the use of whole food concentrates in a clinical practice. Using the core products, Dr. Lee tells you why you should be using it, the signs and symptoms, and the clinical tests for each of those products. This manual gives insights that help you understand Dr. Lee’s approach to the therapeutic use of whole food nutrition, outlining physiological considerations, synergistic use of products, as well as clinical suggestions.

Vitamin News – Royal Lee, DDS – Item #1546, Regular Price: $39.95

This book was ordered destroyed by the FDA. Now available with all the missing articles & peer references done with whole foods. A compilation of all the newsletters published by Dr. Lee and the Vitamin Products, Co. of Wisconsin from 1933 to 1950s. These newsletters provide useful information to support the practitioner. This book offers a wide range of topics that Dr. Lee thought were necessary to understand the use of whole food nutrition and apply it in a clinical setting. Now with the table of contents and indexed, this manual is truly a must for anyone involved in clinical nutrition.

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  • Keeping the spirit and research of Dr. Lee and the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research alive


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